Almost Nude (N’09)

(Dated: 22 Feb 14)

Decided to choose a post on makeup for my revived 2nd entry. Well, reasons are simple- i just love the palette colours. 🙂

This isnt new. In fact i have been using it for quite sometime now. Got it using the Sephora vouchers (one of my bday gifts last yr). I still remember i went into the store, desperately wanting to ‘get rid’ of the voucher as it was expiring soon. I was intently looking through the eyeshadow section and i just saw this palette combi and i fell in love with it immediately! I was looking for something sweet yet natural and here’s how it looks:
Actually the colour on the top right is the one that i really like. Its easy to apply and the colour combi makes it look natural enough, which is what i want! Weeee! Also, just FYI that i have only been using the colours on the top right, middle left and bottom dark grey. Heres the effects:
Ops, sorry for the mascara stains on the lid.. Was in a rush this morning when i did the make up. Hehe..
So, not too bad right?? I simply love it!! Because of time constraint, i wasnt able to snap a photo that justify its effects,  apologies on that. 😦
Also, i have forgotten how much this is as it was bought almost 2yrs ago. Not sure if Sephora still has it, you can check it out at the stores!
Thats all for now folks! See you again, soon! ✌

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