Audrey Hepburn

(Dated: 23 Feb 14)

I had long decided to write on her for my next post, but when i actually sit down and try to put my thoughts into words here, i realised it’s not an easy thing to do because for one simple fact that i am not her, so it can only be based on limited knowledge. But still, i went ahead.

Audrey Hepburn. She is (still) famous for the movies she had acted in. But more often than not, she has been widely recognised as the fashion icon during her era. I mean who wouldnt agree with me that her natural beauty is a God-given. Just look at those eyes, nose and mouth!  I dont think she has gone under the knife, seriously. Okay, you say make up, that i definitely have to agree. But in any case, there were photos of her not in thick make up, still she outshined. So talking about 美女, this has to be one, obviously!  
I mean just look at her, every photo is simply gorgeous!  
And Audrey is not one that only has the looks, she definitely has the heart; a kind heart. 
Towards the last few years of her life, she was active in humanitarian works. Being a survivor during the Germany war, she was thankful that she could come out of hell, surviving. Her heart felt for the children, esp those in poverty. She decided to put compassion into actions, and went into the poorest countries like Somalia, Ethiopia and Honduras, doing something for the deprived children over there. By this time, she was already quite sick, but still that didnt stop her for doing her part to help the poor. She’s truly a beauty inside out! 
We see many of her photos around nowadays, esp those used for classy home decor. To me, she IS very classy and beautiful. Oh, btw, theres even a website set up and named after her and its purpose is obvious. Make a guess? 🙂 
Yes, you got it! 
To help the poor children. (Children’s funds) 
Thank you Audrey for making a difference, to those children, to the entertainment industry & to the fashion industry. You are simply awesome. ��
         Audrey Hepburn (1929 – 1993) 

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