Blair Eadie

(Dated: 28 Mar 14)

Okay i must apologize that my last post was eons ago. Have been busy with a few stuff on hand.

Most of my closer frens would know that i like any thing beautiful, any thing pretty and so that includes fashion too. But what many dont know, is that in particular, the Parisian Chic style. Not sure if this is the way to call it but i just like chic fashion style. In my Instagram, many of those that i follow are not my personal frens, instead they are famous fashion bloggers from Singapore, New York, London and a few other places. As long as their style is what i like, i follow. And today, one of them i would want to make mention is Blair Eadie. 
This is how she looks like. Maybe not exceptionally pretty or beautiful to start with BUT. But she is good at dressing herself! I didnt really go into her history on how she started all these fashion blogging and how she managed to move to where she is now, being more and more famous. One thing i do know for sure, she is confident when it comes to fashion. Lets look at a few of her work: 
Conventional stripes with bright pink? Who would have thought of that?? But she matches them very well. 
Next one: 
For those of you that loves fashion, it isnt hard to tell whats the statement piece she’s trying to bring out ya. Okay, in case its not obvious and you guessed that Chanel bag, wrong. To me, it will be those shoes! I wouldnt think i can match them with that skirt! ��
Wah, even sitting on steps can be so classy. Lol. Okay, RED. Everything red (except shades) and what can i say? Classy, gorgeous and confident. 
Oh, and that Valentino shoes!! ��
How abt this? 
I dont mind going out in a gloomy and rainy weather if i can be this stylish carrying the brolly. Lol. 
I am always amazed by how a simple Chanel brooch can change the whole dressing feel. Just imagine the above two without the brooch? How does it feel? “No feel.” will be my answer, but the moment the brooch is up, it brings out that classy and stylish feel. I just love Chanel! 
This one above: Love the way she tucked the top in to a highwaist straight cut pants. It just makes one look taller and slimmer, in a stylish way! 
She brings black into another high. 
And my favourite of them all: 
Erm, stop laughing at the feathers lah! If you look at it again, its actually a very chic piece of top and i absolutely love the colour! Perfect for cocktail gatherings! ✌ 
If you may notice, almost all her photos has her in shades. I think she looks great in shades. Not that i am trying to mean she is ugly without them.. You’ve seen her without.. She isnt ugly la.. Infact her followers did make a request for her to take off her shades.. Not sure if she did it though, i didnt see one without. 
But in any case i just love her style. And if you love her too, follow her on her IG or sign up for her mailing list via her blog. 
Have fun ladies! ��

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