Always love Céline. Love its simple yet classy designs. Not only to its bags, their apparels too. Céline is a French luxury house founded in 1945 by Céline Vipiana. It was originally created as a made-to-measure children’s shoe business that eventually grew into women’s shoes and accessories. The ready-to-wear line debuted in the 1960s. Celine Vipiana was the designer from 1945-1997. In this post, i am going to focus on bags.

I was actually surprised to know that this famous luxury brand started off with a humble beginning. Of course today if you ask any girl what comes to their mind when you mention this brand, i am sure a big portion of them would be Bags. Yes, Bags.


When i saw this picture, i was kinda feeling excited. Not sure why, but i guess it was really because their bags somehow, somewhere do express that charm and classy-ness in it. And if i am not wrong, this should be a Mini Luggage, calf leather.

Another Mini Luggage but in snake skin. This one has the “I am quietly sitting there, but waiting for you to pick me up” that kinda feel. Lol…



Purple has never been my favourite colour, but when i saw this online, i was like WOW. This nano bag though small-er, (and cute haha), i am sure you wont feel like a little schoolgirl carrying a school bag walking around. Erm, even if thats the case, i am sure you will be outstanding among your classmates! 🙂

Besides Mini Luggages, lets look at some Trapeze too : 

This would be one of the trapeze collection that i want to buy, well, if  have the money! Lol. Once again, Céline never fail to wow me with their simple yet classy designs. C’mon, just look at this piece here. Amazing design, isnt it.



This one.

Besides black, nude is also one of my favourite colours. This has got black linings around it and thus makes the nude colour pops out more. Black, Nude, White are the best to go with when it comes to fashion coordinating. At least in my personal opinion. 😛 One more okay?



Thanks for accomodating. Now we are back to Mini Luggage simply because blogger doesnt allow me to upload some other Trapeze designs, so i am still mourning. But whatever it is, i am sure you will still enjoy reading this post simply because its Céline. So this one is like… kinda… nude too? No, maybe caramel colour. Once again, it has black linings around it and it definitely pops out the main colour more. Smart. 

And so, with these piece, i end here. Some of you might know that i have a Céline Mini Luggage myself, but the reason why i am not posting her here is NOT because i am selfish or shy, but i just cant take a proper picture enough to post here. In any case, its one in calf leather and erm, i forgot what colour it is! Ops. haha.. Will blog about it in future if chances allow. 🙂

Before i go, here’s another 2 more MLs, just for YOU! *kisskiss!


PS: Guess what’s the next brand i am going to talk about?

Hint: 6 letters.

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