Elie Saab

(Dated: 15 Mar 14)

Hi there! I am going do a post on one of my favorite designers, Elie Saab. Not going to talk much abt him as pictures will paint a thousand words.

His great interest and passion towards fashion started as early as 9 years old. And his 1st gown designing was a pure accident but a pleasant one; accidentally coming up with a white and blue stripe gown for his sister. His passion started from there. 
At one point of time, he was supposed to be studying fashion design in Paris, but went back home shortly and started his workshop instead. So, in another words, he didnt actually has any professional certification in the mentioned field! Wow, then thats pretty amazing, considering how successful he is now. A real talent indeed! 
A few sample of his works: 
Elegance, class should be the more common description of his works. 
Isnt it true? 🙂 
I noticed he seldom use solid and hard colours on his designs. In fact there are a lot of pastel and ombres on those gowns, which makes them look elegant and classy. I love it! 
Alas his gowns are all very pricey, if not, i wont mind getting one for myself. Hehe..
Well thats all folks. Have been pretty busy these few weeks. But i do have a few other stuff to blog about, so stay tune friends!

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