(Dated: 01 Mar 14)

I believe everyone has their own set of goals. Some of you may have more goals, and some are pretty content with what they have or where they are. One of my goals this year is to shed off some stubborn fats. My domestic helper stumbled upon a picture of a lady with very flat and lean tummy in a magazine this afternoon and asked “Mdm, you last time like that?” I said “Show it to Sir.” And my mister nodded. Well, the key words are “last time”, meaning that i had flat tummy, but used to have. ��

I have always intended to lose some weight but guess that procrastination has become my close friends, so it was put off for a while. Oh, i didnt have a pair of sport shoes to even begin with, so…. Blah blah blah… 
It didnt get started until… One day…
I was approached to do a short video recording for work purpose in my company. 2weeks later, the colleagues ic excitedly asked me to pop over her cubicle so that she can show me the finished work of the recording. I was excited, to be honest. I mean, who wouldnt be right? To be able to see how you looked in the video clip and to see if you look presentable. 
But when i watched the clip, i was shock! I look very very fat. The double chin was obvious and not forgetting that tummy that was bulging out every single second of the clip. My face looked chubbier than usual. It was indeed a 晴天霹雳 truth! Somemore this recording was done on my bday!! Kill me lah. ����
So that was the final straw. Yes, i mean FINAL STRAW. ��
I want to get back my ‘last time’ tummy! Like this one: 
Not bad eh, especially love that gap in between the thighs! I have never had those gaps in between thighs since puberty!! 
Or how abt this one? 


Got this from Instagram and the instructions look quite managable, but if you really do it, its not very very easy also lah. 
In any case, i got very motivated to shed those stubborn tummy fats. It was also my bday period and so, i requested for one of my pressies to be a pair of gym shoes. Thank God, i received some vouchers and headed down to the store to grab one of my favourite brands of sport shoes- Nike. 
So ta-da! 


Okay, it looked red in this picture becos i took this picture in my room and my lights are yellow colour lights, so that it made it look red. But it was actually warm bright pink. A little shocking pink but warmer shade. 
And with this pair of shoes, i headed down to my office gym and started my painful and slow and torturous and very very tiring gym routine. 


FYI, i have been to gym before. I was quite surprise myself too. One of my ex workplace happened to have a gym as well and back then i was building up my body to prepare to conceive a baby, so i went gym, ALONE, for 3 months, 2-3 times in a week, right aftr work. I didnt do very vigorous workout but just started slow and steady. Well the rest is history. ✌
And so, back to my new gym shoes. So i headed down to my office gym and started the routine. It definitely wasnt easy, but i was determined. Very. In fact, before this, i was already exploring the different types of crunches to do at home. Afterall i wanted a flatter tummy so crunches is one of the more effective methods. I googled, and downloaded various type of crunches: 


So far, i have been doing the abdominal crunch, side crunch as well as V crunch. And maybe i didnt do them correctly (even tho i keep referring back to these pictures to ensure my poises are correct), i developed lower back pain aftr a few days. The pain comes if i stand a little longer or even sit in a certain position for slightly longer. So, i decided to stop crunches altogether for time being. Indeed! My back aches were gone by 2nd day! See lah, see lah, even my body is asking me not to exercise?? Ops, excuses ya. Heh… In any case, i will not stop at my crunches, but will be more mindful of my position whenever i do them. 
But meanwhile, besides gym, i do planks too. Wah planks… I hate it, to be honest. One of my colleagues told me that she can do up to 60secs! What??! I tremble and shiver nonstop at 25! Goodness! 
Hmm, i guess our real enemy really is our mentality and mindset. If we think we cant, for sure we cant. But if we think we can, the chances of succeeding increases significantly! So i have been challenging myself to last another 5secs more each week. It wasnt very easy for me but i know i can do it! 
And there are definitely many different ways to adopt in order to have a flatter tummy: 






I havent try this 14 days Abs Challenge tho. Well, you can try them! 🙂 
Oh, and i absolutely love this one: 


Sweet isnt it. Both of them get to exercise and tone up while lovey dovey-ing. Lol.. I showed this to mister and he jus laughed. I wonder what’s that suppose to mean. Oh well. 
So for those of you, like me, that want to shed off some weight, go ahead, try crunches, plank, hit the gym and go for regular runs! I always believe that when we look good, we feel good too. When we feel good, everything becomes good suddenly! Lol… 
So wish me all the best in my losing weight journey such that i can attain my goal. Need some support actually. Hehe… 
And thats all for now frens! See you! 

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