Hermes Birkins

(Dated: 18 May 14)

Slightly more than week ago, i blogged about one of my top 3 favorite luxury brand bags – Celine bags. I have since received a few positive feedback abt my blog and how readers are enjoying it all. I hope its not just the Celine post only… Nonetheless, THANK YOU for even reading my blog! 🙂

So today in this post, as the title suggest, i am going to talk abt my top 2 favourite luxury brand: Hermes bags, in particular the Birkins. ��
This well known high end brand was first founded by Thierry Hermes in 1837 and it started off selling good quality carriage bags. It has definitely come a long way now to where it is. Amazing.
Logo of Hermes
Birkins bag to what i understand, is not one luxury handbag where you can use money to purchase. In fact for those Birkins lovers, they would know that even with money, it doesnt always guarantee you will get the highly sought after bag. Some ladies queued months and even up to a year just to get it! �� So i am very sure Birkins have their beautiful reasons for allowing their customers to wait in such a manner.
This is the classic, standard black Birkins 35. To be very honest, when you look at the bag itself, it already gives out that classy smell, so much so that even you leave it on the floor (like this pic), it still can attract a second look at it again!
My favourite colour is not green, but i wouldnt mind getting a green Birkin like this one here!
And if you think Birkin doesnt cost much, you are wrong. For those that know, and know it well, its an easy 5 figure high end luxury bag! Not one that anyone can own easily. 5 figure! Hmm….

This electric blue Birkin somehow electrocuted my heart in its own way. The blue just stands out beautifully!

Royal purple in GHW!! *scream!!! So so gorgeous!

Wooooooo…. If only these are all mine!! Muahahahaha!

How about a scarlet red birkin for you? I wouldnt mind! In GHW somemore! I dunno why, but i always thought leather bags in GHW look more classy! 🙂

I dont usually get white bags as they tend to get / look dirty easily, but for this white Birkin, i dont mind sending it for bagspa periodically! Heh..

I seldom see a 2 tone Birkins as they are usually in a single main colour tone like the ones i uploaded above. So when i saw this, i was blown away! I love how the tones are matched together beautifully….
If i have this color, i would match it with a white top/ shirt and it definitely makes the bag stands out even more! (Not like its not outstanding already huh). Okay, if you are enjoying this, i hve a few more to show, so bear with me ya 🙂
Yes, for all you pink colour lovers out there, this pink Birkin is soooo going to suck your soul out from you. I’m sure. ����
If only these are all MINE. Mine!! Muahahaha! I would bring first one out to tabao food, second one to buy newspapers, third one to buy groceries, and the fourth for shopping!! I would!!! Lol…
Hermes colour is Orange so how about an orange Birkins? It will be SO Hermes!
So these are the Birkins that i have been wanting to show and share in my blog here. Dont you agree with me that every one of them look so duper gorgeous and they look like they hve the ability to suck dry one’s soul when looking at it. And so if you ask which is my favourite colour or rather if i have the money, which one woul i want to get… This one:
This is a Birkins 35 in Etoupe Togo, GHW. Breathtaking. Literally.
*fingercross *prayinghard
So i hope you have enjoyed Birkins as much as i do. Owning a luxury bag is not a need, it has surpass to the level of want. You just want it. Its something not everyone understands but if you ever bump into someone thay appreciate them as much as you do, treasure her. Heh.
So before i go, i’m going to leave you with the most classic Birkins ever. Get ready to hold your breath as i am worried that it might suck urs away with its beauty:
Hermes Birkin Sac Bijou in rose and white rose in 2712 diamonds
Scream please. SCREAMMMMM!!!!! ����
Okay, til the next post!
Ps: Guess what the next coveted brand i’m going to blog about?
Hint (again): camelia flower

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