Make Up Organizer

(Dated: 10 May 14)

Yes. Recently i bought a new make up organizer that comes in a box form. I had initially wanted another one (that is also in box form) with my favorite Chanel double C logo on it (inspired of cos), but the seller didnt respond. 😦 Thankfully i stumbled upon this one that i thot make the mark, and so i got it! 🙂

Hmm, you must first understand where i store my make ups previously. I creatively re-cycled a white rectangle basket and managed to dig out a transparent plastic container that was used to hold biscuits in a package and i used that to store some of my eye make up. And what my make up brushes? I re-cycled some round cylinder and used that for the brushes. Hmm, come to think abt it, i think i am actually quite creative! Lol… Anyway, this was how it looked like:
Very cluttered and messy.
Thats why when i first saw this make up organiser, i was thrilled! Lol… Not only does it help to organise my beauty products nicely and neatly, it isnt too bulky and therefore, saves space!
It comes in 2 boxes: the upper compartment and lower drawers. So they are not fixed together, but rather, seperate. You can choose to stack them together or put them apart. I choose the former. 🙂 And this is how it looks like:
If you see from this picture, the lowest drawer and 2nd lowest are the same. They are larger and bigger and you can put more stuff in there. The first row drawers are halved of the other two i mentioned and thats where you can put smaller items instead. Do note that the height of each drawer isnt too high, so you wont be able to store thicker items/products.
As for the upper compartment, there are actually 4 cute holes for you to put anything mini in them. Lol.. So i stored my eye pencil sharpener, hairpins, tube concealer, etc. Quite cute la. 🙂
Heres a clearer and nearer look of the upper compartment:
So if you are looking for a nice and chic comestic organiser that also helps to save space, get this. 🙂 The seller is nice and friendly and pretty too! Her IG below:
Til the next post! ����

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