Olivia Palermo

(Dated: 13 Apr 14)

I am not sure why there aren’t many mentions about Olivia Palermo. If you were to ask me (and i’m glad you did), i would level her same as Audrey Hepburn. Both beautifully stylish.

Olivia, an American model socialite, who had been on cover for many magazines including Elle, Tatler, Marie Claire, etc. 
This is how she looks like. Classy isnt she. 
Lets look at some of her fashion styles: 
She brings black to another higher level. Literally, black on her never look boring, it becomes stylish. 
Such simple matching, yet she brings out that chic and stylish feel in her dressing. 
I love how she paired the polka dot top with the mermaid skirt. Just so ‘apt’! Well, the only thing i dont really like is those electric blue shades, somehow i feel it doesnt quite match. Hm… 
I believe this was taken for one of her modelling shoots.  My heart palpitated when i first saw this! I dont know how to describe but i guess some things beautiful are just beyond words of description. 🙂 








The above 4 are taken from some of her daily lifestyle shots, and each of them just shows off that stylish and chic in her! I mean look at the last pic. Who would walk their dog dressed like this?? A typical Singaporean would walk our dog probably in T Shirts, shorts and slippers… But for her, its simply too chic! Oh and those toned legs. 
AND, did you see her Birkin paired with that denim top?? ���� Birkin! I mean BIRKIN!! ������
Anyways, a few more of her and her style: 






This last one is quite a bit of a mixture. Leopard print heels with floral pants and a feathered jacket. Hm, mix feelings… But i guess her decision to match them all with a plain Tan bag, did balance it out afterall. ��
And in case you are wondering, yes, she has a steady boyfriend whom she is engaged to a few yrs back. And also in case you are wondering if he is handsome (to match up to her beauty), yes he is handsome.


This is the only picture i have of Johannes Huebl, whom i think is also a professional model. Handsome eh. 🙂 And even a simple LBD, Olivia can wear the beauty out of it so easily! ����
So, like what i said in the beginning of this post, i arent sure why she’s not being mention often enough in my country, but i definitely love her, and her style! Simple yet classy and that’s what i love. And i found such style in her. 
I am not sure if she has a personal Instagram account but if you would like to follow her in IG, ‘Oliviapalermofan’ is the way to it. And like me, if theres anyone out there that loves her and her style, let me know!! 🙂 
So before i say bye, one more Olivia, just for YOU. ��

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