(Dated: 30 Apr 14)

If you haven noticed, it wont be hard to know that i love fashion. I do not count myself as any fashion expert or guru but i think i do have some fashion sense. 🙂

My fashion sense is basically very SIMPLE. Yes, literally SIMPLE. I am seldom seen in anything not simple like floral print, loud designs etc. Love it when its simple but yet it exhibits some form of classy and chic feel. 🙂 
Top & Skort: Both H&M, Necklace: from Taiwan, Bag: Celine. 
I frequent H&M a lot and thats bcos i have been receiving gift cards for my bdays for past 2 yrs and i totally enjoy it! Haha.. Why? Simply because i love H&M clothes! Wow, like entering into some competition by them. Lol… 
So i wanted to try this this casual top and formal skirt, and in order to save time, i decided to try them together. To my mini surprise, i realised that do match each other! The top though is a little casual but if pair with this skirt, it does balance out a little, making it less casual. Good for office wear and casual meet ups! 
I tried pairing it with a neon top and wore to office. People say they need shades before they can talk to me! Lol.. Oh well. 
Well this photo doesnt quitw do justice to the colour, but let me tell you, the real colour is really bright! Hmm i think i should have taper it off a little by wearing a darker colour necklace. Hm.. 
Anyway, another look for the casual top:
This photo cant really tell that i am wearing a skort actually. Apologies and i think maybe i should have a close up photo on the skort. My bad. 
Next up, 
Top & Shorts: Both from Bugis Village, necklace: from Taiwan, Arm accessories : Too long ago, cant recall where it was bought from, shoes: from Malaysia, Bag: Celine. 
I seldom wear this pair of short because to be honest, it looks nice and classy but the material is the pokey pokey kind, so it isnt that comfy. But i do love that classy chanel feel. As for the top, this is what i mean by simple outfit yet theres a tinge of classy and sexiness in it. In this case, both sleeves and waist area are see throughs, making the wearer give out a boring yet sexy feel. I like! 
Top: H&M, Skirt: Stradivarius, Necklace: Mphosis, Shoes: from Msia, Bag: Celine. 
I had wanted to pair this black skirt with a formal white collared shirt. But aftr much thought through, i decided to go with a denim shirt instead. Why? Because if its black and white, its dull and boring. With blue and black, it helps a little visually. I decided to go with the all gold Victorian neck candy to ad tinge of life and colour to the whole outfit. 
Top: Cotton On, Skort: Temt, Necklace: from Taiwan, Shoes: frm Msia, Bag: Celine. 
This is one of my fav in my photos here. I feel that somehow it makes me look slimmer. Heheh. Thats what we ladies want right. This outfit is comfy and effortlessly chic! ��
And finally the last one: 
Top: Cotton On, Skirt & Necklace: Mphosis, Shoes: from Msia, Bag: Celine. 
Besides black colour, i also love stripes,  anything stripey attracts me. I wonder why, lol. For this outfit, the white skirt can be dull and boring if paired win another plain top. So i decided to go with this stripe top and together with a gold necklace to add colour to it. I think it would be better if the neckace is more colourful,  but bcos i only have a few necklace, so… Maybe i shall get more necklaces! Shopping time! Again. 🙂 
So these are afew of my OOTDs i wore recently. I hope you have enjoyed reading as much as i enjoyed sharing! 
Til the next post! ✌

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