Up Close and Stylish

(Dated: 25 May 14)

I hope you have been enjoying the previous posts of women that are highly stylish and sophisticated in their dressing. In this post, i am going to introduce another (in my opinion) effortlessly stylish lady & i hope you will enjoy her style as much as i do. For those that follow her on IG and even twitter would know that her signature OOTD posts are without her face/head in it. This lady is a very low profile one so much so that she doesnt even put her name on her IG profile. And fortunately i managed to google her with a little bit of her name and backgrd, BUT i think she doesnt want ppl to know who she is, i will respect that. So no mentioning of her name or backgrd in this post.

Oh, but one fact is apparent: she is very very rich. You will know why in a while. Also in this post its not going to be wordy because just be looking at her pictures, it already tells a lot abt her style and her take on fashion.
This is her, minus the face. Sorry, cant help on that. �� Another thing abt her is that she is quite slim and she has very nice and long slim legs.
See what i mean. Okay, you may say its PS-ed. Well, i choose to give the benefit of doubt. 🙂
Now, a few more:
So, do you know why i say that she is very very rich? First are those Louboutin shoes, then chanel apparels, followed by Birkins, and… My favourite:
Again, pls scream!!! ����
Gorgeous shots taken! ��
And her love for Louboutin shoes are very obvious. If you go thru her post in IG, it wont be hard to notice that she love this brand of shoes and in fact, she claims to be a shoe-addict!
The focus of this picure here rightfully is that pair of Louboutin shoes, but somehow, my eyes turned to that Constance!! Oh man.
And she was still wearing high heel shoes when she was pregnant! Kudos to her manz… I wouldnt be able to even walk properly when heavily pregnant!
Doesnt she look effortlessly chic and stylish?? Literally my inspiration and role model!
See, shes so low profile that even she had to even cover her face while showing the hat.
Another of her OOTD with birkins in there. That should be a 25..
Okay a few more:
Just look at those legs… Wooooo….
Oh and this is one of my favs:
I particularly love that Gucci top! I really love it!! So sophisticated and classy!
Tan colour Birkins and denim just go so well together!
One more:
Her slim long legs… Woooo…
So, i hope you have enjoyed reading and looking thru on her styles as much as i do. Before i say bye and til next post, heres one of her shoes from Louboutin, a spikey one. Heh..
Yea, her shoes.
Oh and i just wanna say that i think i am beginning to fall in love with this LV clutch. Its kinds making my heart beat faster whenever i see it!
Nice not? 🙂
So before my bye, heres an info of her IG that you might be keen to follow. She alrdy has 949K followers, fyi. ��

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