All that Glitters

(Dated: 04 July 14)

Glittery fashion or bling bling or whatever you call that- i just love them all! I used to have a mobile phone case was a DIY bling thruout at the back of it. I still remembered that i stayed up til the wee hours, just to get all the mini studs glued on. It was tiring but satisfying nonetheless. 🙂 And if i can have all things bling/glittery, i would.

Yea, all that glitters!

Glittery fashion 🙂
Oh and sequins! I love sequins! But you just cant have too much of them if you dont want it to be ‘overdosed’ ya.
Like this one above is just right. Sequins on the sleeve and some small stone designs at the V shape collar with plain black chiffon material dress… Wooo.. Just nice!
Glittery bottoms 🙂 Nice.
Glittery dresses.
My favourite of them all. Nautical bling top! Love the stripes!
And how about some lifestyle blingness? 🙂
This is ultimate blingness! If i have lappy skin like this one, i wouldnt mind overworking everyday! Hehhe.. #justsaying

Bling bag! Yayness!

Wait, would i get rob??
Wont mind walking that extra mile with these shoes. 🙂
And this watch. So stunning!
They even have bling coasters! Imagine you serving drinks with such coasters! 👍
And whats the best of them all?
Make a guess.
Yea, thats right!

Glittery Chanel handbag!! 😱

So when in doubt, add some glitters to your life and yor fashion. 🙂

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