Annie Bing

(Dated: 10 July 14)

Annie Bing. Most of us probably wouldnt have heard of her name before, especially in our part of the world. And if you are someone that says fashion is too hard and tough for you, because you are lazy to dress up, to coordinate or even because it takes too much effort, then you probably like her.

She is the creative director and founder of her clothing name after her, Annie Bing. However if you ever shop in Annie Bing, you probably would not find very fanciful designs of apparels or accessories there. Colour variation are limited too. But i guess this is what many of us, Singaporeans like. Effortlessly chic and stylish is what we might hope to achieve. Well, lemme bring you a good news; thats what her fashion brings. Just look at how she dress and you will know that one can actually be so effortlessly chic.
Well this is simple. We can wear this in Singapore. If you still find the top warm, simple fold them up.
I like her shoes. Infact the apparels and accessories are all from her name brand! So so simple yet stylish.
Hmm seems like one of her favourite colours is white. Super simple dressing and coordination! Oh that bag! 😱
Simply love her style. Simple, stylish, chic & preppy!
So who says that you have to be dressing up in whatever ppl say is the IT design with full make up to be in fashion? Being fashionable and stylish can be simply simple and effortlessly simple, just like Annie. She even make a business out of all these simple look clothings! Amazing.
Oh, and did i mentioned that she’s a mother already? Not of 1, but 2!

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