Flowery Powdery

(Dated: 13 Jun 14)

Personally i am not a big fan of prints or floral designs, but to be honest, some of these prints or florals can make one look really classy and stylish. So today’s will be floral.

Some pink tulips to start off my flowery powdery post! ✌
Like i’ve said, if you choose the design of the apparel in floral prints carefully, you wont look too ‘auntie’. Just like the one below:
This is a gorgeous piece. Floral with some bold red flowers here and there to create that Oriental effects. The black background makes the flowers stand out. Satin material makes it look classy too. I love this! 👍
If i have to stay in a garden or some forest, i would choose this piece. It gives off the “flowers slowly flowing down your body” kind of feel.. Very garden-y feel!
The feel of this look is a bit similar to the first set i’ve showed earlier. Big flowers on blue satin background and its very Oriental. Love how she paired with a plain black top to show the contrast of the skirt! Also, if its me, i would go with a neck candy to complete the look!
Another big flowers print look. Just that she decided to go with a more neutral colour top so that it gives off a pastel and sweet feel. Good matching!
Okay, i know that even though Singapore is a tropical island, the locals seldom dress up looking like this above picture, because its simply too warm! But to be honest, this is a ‘hot’ look! Its just SO ‘island’, ‘by the beach’ kinda feel. Imagine you sitting by the beach or poolside, with a glass of tropical drink and a straw hat, looking away at the beautiful scenary……….. Not too bad ah? 😁
This has to be my favourite look of this post! Can i dont say much abt this please? I just wanna invite you to admire this look together with me. So sweet, so dainty. 🌺🌺
This is my 2nd favorite look of this post! Very minimum floral design, yet it brings out that dainty feel, love it!
Model is really model. Such floral pants can easily make one look very ‘auntie’, but yet she makes it look very casually comfortable and chic! I think i wouldnt be able to carry it so well!
This is another example of big floral designs. Just that this one has a bit more of the smaller florals surrounding the big ones, hence making it look more cluttered. But to pair with a navy blue, i felt was a good choice as the bigger florals are blue. Good job!
And so with this, i will end here. If you know how to carefully choose your florals, it will not bring out that ‘auntie’ feel, instead, it can make you look sweeter and more dainty. So try floral designs if you haven had the courage to do so ya. 🙂
And before i go, let me leave you with this one final look:
Big florals. Maxi. Sweet. Dainty

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