Gold on Black

(Dated: 14 July 14)

Ask me what’s my favourite colour and i would say its black, anytime. In fact all the time. And if theres any other colour that i would love to match it with, it has got to be gold. Why. Simply because gold adds that tinge of classiness and style. Remember? I love anything simple, classy, stylish and chic. So today’s post aims to bring you nothing except the above mentioned.

So enjoy. 😘
This is just classic. Embroided prints om gold pants certainly makes the plain black top look more stylish and chic.
This pair of pants probably isnt the solid gold kinda colour but yet it brings great contrast between the 2 colours seen here. To pair with a lacey top makes it more stylishly dainty. 👍
Love this gold sweat shirt! Love the bag even more! And that lip colour!! Sexy yet subtle, gorgeous!!
Looking at this picture reminds me of a gold skirt i bought from Tracyeinny but hasnt been able to pair it perfectly with any top i have at home. I dint specially shop to buy a matching top and thus have been leaving it in my wardrobe for dont know how long now.
So now, i finally found the inspirations to match it with a chiffon top! Chiffon tops arent hard to find, somemore black colour! Lol! Okay, someday i shall attempt to do an OOTD on this set of apparel and blog abt it here. Erm, i try ah, no promise! 😁
Another gorgeous matching! Almost perfect! 👍
While preparing for this post, i stumbled upon some gold on black manicure ideas and decided to post them here as well. I have a few weddings coming up, so am just thinking if i should do any of these designs here…. Anyhow, gold on black manicures- gorgeous isint? Say yes! :p
I am not a very rock rock kinda person but this outfit kinda blown me away because of its gold studs on the black leather jacket!! Somemore match with black/gold bag frm Philip Lim!! Scream someone, scream!! 😱Love her wrist candy too! Maybe should pair with Hermes Kelly Dog ya. ✌
So out of these many outfits shown, one of my top favourites has to be from the very popular blogger Chiara:
Her dress! Her hair! Her bag!!! This is just so perfect! Somemore scream even louder!!!
And before i end, leme show you my all time favourite combi. The above 2 are similar and it obviously the gold buckle belt that made a huge difference! Simply classic, and gorgeous isnt it? My next inspiration!
Once again, i hope you have enjoyed this post as much as i am writing it. If you love black and gold, like me, go ahead, be bold and dress out YOU, in a classy and stylish manner!
Before i go, a mini present for my readers!
Gold on black attire! Cute not? ✌

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