Let Me In

(Dated: 12 Jun 14)

I struggled for a few days as to whether i should blog on this or not. Because its such a controversial and sensitive topic. Afterall, beauty, to begin with, has no definite definition. It is very subjective. Some people strongly believe that beauty is from the inside, while some think its just skin deep. Unfortunately in the society we live in now, it seems like there are more people going for the skin deep beauty. In any case, what i am going to blog about is purely my own opinions and thoughts. When you are reading, do keep in mind that i am not an expert in any field related to beauty and i always believe that balance is the key to life!

Topic: Cosmetic Surgery
Recently i am quite hooked up in watching this Korean television show on cosmetic surgery call Let Me In. This show claims to help women that struggle with very very low self esteem due to the way they look. So the participant that made it to the final round usually have very bad case of low self esteem. There was a girl has only one eye and another who looked like a witch, while theres another that looked like man and all these are born naturally.
Honestly speaking, i am not pro cosmetic surgery neither am i against it totally, because i believe there are some special cases where some help is obviously needed. I mean you cant say to the girl who had a witch face, “Oh too bad, you are born just like that. If a man truly loves you, he will love you no matter how ugly you look.”
This is not helping the person at all. So when i decided to blog abt cosmetic surgery, its not for the purpose of becoming more vain, but to feed the basic self esteem hunger & love that the girl greatly lacks. Afterall, we are all naturally attracted to things beautiful, isnt it. 🙂
So these are the various host and co-hosts to the show:
And below are just a few examples of how Let Me In has helped the girls:
This is the case whereby this girl looked more like a man. His features, sorry, i mean her features are more manly in that sense and because of this, she gave up dressing like a girl. So her dressing has always been more manly. I think the good thing about her is that she is still very much straight, thats why she decided to get some help. The picture on the right, apparently is her ‘after’ look. Still short hair, but doesnt she look more SHE now?
Now this is also another case of a girl, yes its a she, that born with the looks of a man. If you dont hear her speak, you would believe she’s a man! Poor girl! Suffered for soooo long. I rememberd her case as hormones gone haywired and if i didnt recall wrongly, she only had her menses ONCE in her entire life! She didnt want her family to worry for her and thus kept this to herself. Thru her puberty years, her haywired hormones made her body grow hair all over! And all these years she just kept it to herself.
See what i mean? Cosmetic surgery at times really is very much needed for cases like this. Such people need help! And just look at her ‘after’ photo, wooo, so sweet and girly! I hope she does feel more confident now! 🙂
I didnt manage to watch this episode but its very obvious that this girl has no right eye. I am not too sure the reason why, but i do feel for her. I believe her surgery would be one of the toughest and most costly but the doctors are still willing to help her. She looked so decent after the surgery. I pray that her life will improve after this.
So i do feel that cosmetic surgery for such purpose is totally meaningful. Of cos i am not talking about a girl who is already decent looking but still went to enhance her looks, etc. i am not God, i dont wanna judge. I guess as long as it helps people improve and move on, why not help?
Once again, i need to reiterate that i am NOT for cosmetic surgery neither am i against it totally; its all about balance and appropriateness.
Lastly, i leave you to think about how
you would live your life if you are this girl below. And by that, i refer to having just a normal life to finding someone that love her, settle down, have kids and even in the area of career. Her ‘After’ photos definitely helped her in a big big way.
No, shes not hideous definitely, but her life can be better with some help.
Hope you have enjoyed reading! Til my next post! 🙂

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