Nails Candy

(Dated: 18 Jun 14)

I love manicures. Irregardless of the colour and/or design you choose, it still brings therapy by just looking at them. And i love that feeling. ☺In the past, a typical manicure (and pedicure included) can probably last only 1-1.5 weeks, however with the advancement in nail polishes ingredients, we now have what we call the gelish mani/pedi. This typically last up to 4 weeks, depending on how rough you are. My longest lasted 4.5 weeks! Gelish are typically more expensive, considering that it will last longer. So nowadays, i only opt for gelish manicures.

If you ask me what my standard gelish mani, it would look like this:
I love nude/ neutral colours!! They just make ur hand and fingers look fairer and smoother! Lol..
But generally, i am pretty much attracted to designs that are bling, crystal and related, like the ones below:
Infact, my very first gelish mani wad an ombre warm pink glitters & i still could remember how satisfied i was aftr the mani session! I kept looking at it and showing them to!
This is so dain-tily sweet…
Oh this above design; i have done it before! Just that its not the sharp tip but squarish. Squarish makes one’s nails look classy and stylish. 👍
This above ombre black with glitter is very well done up! The ombre shades looks naturally nice, making the black colour not so dull and boring. 👍👍
This design does look a little too mature, but if you would look closer, you will realised that its glitter used is abit reddish/pink kind, which makes it lool special and leas dull looking. Good match.
And likei’ve mentioned earlier that nail polishes formulas are more advancednowadays. And thus they cangive a different kind of feel like the ones below:

This should be the matt finish polishes. Nice green…
Here’s another one… Wow.
As of today, my nails are pretty ‘cleaned’ because helper went back and so i foresee me doing more chores, so no point get a pretty design and then i destroy them aftr all the chores. But, my next design after helper comes would be the following:
Tiffany colour! How gorgeous is that! Somemore with my favourite glitters! Yayness!
And beside Tiffany colour, i would also want to do up another design which carry my favourite brand of them all… Yes! You are right!! Chanel!!!
Nice right. 🙂
How about one with their Camilia flower?
Nice? Nice??
And of course, nothing can beat the classic forever RED:
This is THE color that every lady that does mani/pedi should at least choose once in her lifestyle! Lol.. So classic and stylish! 💅
And so, i hope you have enjoyed reading and looking thru my type of designs as much as i have enjoyed sharing with you all! To end it off, whats the best design you think that we can all do, esp living in the ‘now’ days?
No idea? Well, i recommend the following:
For the social media engaged YOU. 🙂

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