Goodbye ThisGalShines. Hello SweetDotAddiction!

FINALLY, i am very happy to announce the new blogging platform that i have decided on, and that’s (quite obvious now) WordPress. Not that i dislike Blogger or what, but I’ve been convinced by silverkis to give WordPress a try. Gave some thought and felt that its probably time to move on, and so here i am! TA-DA!

When i decided to migrate to WordPress, i thought its probably also time to change my blogging username. I named ‘thisgalshines’ simply because of my name but that was eons ago, when i was still a GIRL, so it makes sense. But now, i wouldn’t think calling myself a girl would be erm… appropriate eh. How about naming it ‘thisladyshines’? Nah, it just doesn’t go together. And so, i thought of ‘Sweet Addiction’. Well, it wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to know that this username would have been taken by someone Nth years ago, given the popularity of WordPress but i really like Sweet Addiction, so i decided to add in the ‘.’, aka ‘dot’ spell out in full. So that’s how ‘SweetDotAddiction’ comes about. I personally am satisfied with this username and the thingy is, no one was using it! How timely eh. 🙂

I am new to WordPress, and so if there is anything that you would like to feedback on (say the layout is untidy, the wordings are too small, too little pictures, etc), pls feel very free to do so by commenting in this post. I cant guarantee that i will adhere to every single feedback request, but i will definitely use your feedback as an opportunity to make SweetDotAddiction a better fashion blog!

So, goodbye ThisGalShines & Hello there SweetDotAddiction! 🙂

Lastly, aside to this, do stay tune because like I’d mentioned in my Instagram , new things are coming! Oh, and if you would like to follow my blog to receive updates on new post, you can do this by clicking on the ‘Follow SweetDotAddiction’ button or ‘Follow by email’ button.

Til my next post, pls take care. 🙂

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