Mixing Prints

When i was younger, someone that i deemed as fashionable told me that one of the rules to being fashionable is never to mix prints together. The young me who has always love fashion, hungrily took her advice never to mix prints. So leopard prints must always go with a plain top / bottom. Polka dots skirt can never pair with stripes. It has to be a plain, clear top / bottom when you are matching it with a floral apparel. So that was the rule.But really, fashion has no rules.

Leopard Prints. Stripes

So let us look at how the following fashionistas style by mixing the prints.

To be honest, i have never thought of mixing prints til this extent. So is this a tribal feel or the nautical theme? But i guess the use of pink color as the base is a good decision afterall. Not too much, neither is it too little, just nice.

Red is the base color, mixed checkered with stripes.

One of my favorite mixes. Stripes (my all time favorite) with florals! 🙂


Florals on more florals. Sweet…

A more conservative choice of colors to use. Still a good match though! Polka dots with thick stripes!

Mandarin prints with stripes.

Oh, leopard prints and checkered!! And she looks happy! Lol…

This looks so simple, yet stylish.

Heart this too! The colors just make me happy!

I know that its tough to visualize just on one post, but really, it doesn’t take much to mix prints. Choose a good base color and match them, it should do the trick!

One more for you!

 Have a happy day ahead babes!

3 thoughts on “Mixing Prints

  1. I know right!!! I was told never to mix prints too!!! And til this day, i cant do it well… and i blame whoever burned that bad advice into my head! 😛 Love those pictures… such gorgeous inspirations!

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  2. I like the mixed prints! But most people can’t accept it still! Haha… So… I will reserve that for days when my self-confidence rules above what I think others feel. HEHE.


    1. Hi Von, you might want to start by mixing a stronger prints with a more subtle one. This way it wont be too eye catching too. Jia you! 🙂


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