Oh My Vogue

She definitely wasn’t one of those fashion bloggers that i would specially ‘stalk’ for fashion ideas. I mean there are so many others out there that everyone is following. But just recently, her picture posts on IG are so attractive, at least to me. I love her choice of colors and textures of apparels matched. So, i started to really notice her.

She’s Henar Vicente who named her blog as Oh My Vogue. You will love her. 🙂

Her profile says that she wears what she likes and she likes what she wears. Well, thats not important as long as i like what she wears! 😛

So then, this is her. Classy huh.


This is simple to match. I have a similar top and a similar cutting skirt, just that its in navy blue. And i love the way she match this with ankle strap heels because it does make the outfit look more dainty and lady. And that bag, that should be Givenchy antigona!


I always love the idea of pairing tan / brown color with white or light blue. It just gives that classy and stylish feel. This OOTD is (once again) simple but stylish. And i love that wool top. Woooooo…


Salmon color with denim?? Who would have thought of that? But i must say that she did the matching very well! And of cos, i love that bag of hers, you know why eh. 🙂


Such tone and slim legs………….

Oh sorry, back to topic. Once again, love that ankle strap heels & the yellow top!

I just wanna say, to match / coordinate a top and a bottom and pairing that outfit with accessories that goes, its really not an easy job. You need to think and try it on and then adjust the apparels accordingly and then try again and adjust and try again and adjust, until it goes. And to be honest, fashion has no rules, so nothing really goes or not. Its all a matter of visual, i believe.


National day is coming, and if you have an event to go on that day, this can your inspiration!


I LOVE this ombre feathered skirt! I mean i really love it! But, i guess its hard to wear this in a country like mine, people will stare at you. Lol. But this outfit… i heart it!

Okay, a few more and we are done.



Valentino studded bag!!! Scream someone, SCREAM!


Tan / Nude color goes with blue, especially light blue. Love this ‘logic’. 🙂

Classy eh.

So this is Oh My Vogue and her style in which i am loving it more and more. Simple definitely, but classy to infinity.

If you love what you read here, do follow me for more fashion blogging inspirations / ideas!

Til the next post ladies.

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