All Things Stripes

Friends that know me, would know that one of my current favorite designs is stripes. I have a few stripey apparels, stripey lunch bag, stripey slippers, even stripey pouch for sanitary pads. 😛 And if you have me, think of why i prefer stripes over other designs, say polka dots (i used to love it!) or floral or mixed prints, i wont be able to say why. Hm. I guess stripey designs do give nautical feel as well a type of youthy look. Fine, just take it as i am trying to be young. Ha.

So, all things stripes. bd641cebbdb98d8d5d13a77ed9810089

(Top) I love it especially when stripes go with brown / tan color accessories such as bags or footwear. Classy.

(Top) I must say that i love this selfie shot a lot. Its very well taken considering only the outfit was captured. Salmon skirt with blue stripey shirt, good one. 🙂

Yes this pair of shorts. (Top)


(Top) Wendy, forever classy. Love her. 🙂

 Red stripes tank with pink shorts and black stripey bag. Hm. (Top)


(Top) Grey stripes sweater top with skort. And that low hair bun, naise. 

(Top) Fashion blogger, Wendy again looking chic in stripes.

(Top) When stripes on stripes look so good. 🙂

 So, if you do not have any stripe design apparel in your wardrobe, may i urge you my sis-thren, that maybe, yes maybe, you should give it a try. If you are someone that is horizontally challenged, try vertical stripes instead. And do not opt for thick / big stripes, instead go for the thinner and less subtle ones. 

Have fun ladies! 🙂


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