Business Chic

4a80308b34f927fd2e40cc95026a66eeTalking business. Love how the red jacket is match with the polka dot skirt. It brings out both the color as well as the prints.


9d9816e3ac9949eb2f146da31c717d2fMonochrome – the fashion language to talking business.


195c314779111e7f97179e15e822b88f cf5b3e1be3aeb4ddd981d91bf87f7da3This looks very comfy to dress in. Simple coordination, yet chic.


4f011cdef17b2a572dff848c0efb7e0bTotally love the boyfriend stripey shirt. Smart looking.


5d6dcd3418fee534321ecde46ff52ad4Pastel color coordination


956836a0c25ce4fb9fb549d96dd6ee41Simply chic.


e5744ea1111f08865e0962ce64cb2daeWho says red cannot go with blue. This is one good example.


3ffb990aa9bbefe0c5543a143488e1dbAnother good pastel coordination, with tan color bag. Not too sure about her pose though.




8f70b917cec0d225ac2dc7e6645f4129Little details that matters. The sleeve of the white shirt and that red clutch.


aa860a82d862dcdf406f1f18f3586d7aThe texture of the top matches that of the bag. Love the color of the pants.


17f1b0b5755394299502c27975483583Maybe i can wear this on a Friday.


86273c7b6baaa0abee4f4e1facf0f0c5The all time classic LBD. Love it.


b02a424b1fd195be2a27391ff6bdd9b8Okay, maybe the skirt if a little too short for office wear, but i heart the top and those shoes.




e644ae8e0c4da7aafc0055479d108c51Black is the new black.


And this is probably what a fashionable company CEO would wear. 🙂


p style=”text-align:center;”>3c3edcc645b6de01118a81c98b96f22eAwesome.

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