Givenchy – Antigona

In all frankness, i have never fancy Givenchy as a brand. If you know me, you would know that my all time favorite brands of all is Chanel. This is followed by Celine and Hermes Birkin. And the thing about luxury bags somehow is that ‘inner voice’ calling you, attracting you to them. YSL is one of them and thats why i ended up getting a wallet of this brand. And then now Givenchy is calling me. #justalovehaterelationship

Antigona caught my eye simply because some bloggers and celebrities are endorsing it. So i took a second look and bam, i kinda have a crush on it. Now, i am NEVER going to betray my loyal love for Chanel, No way. Erm, Celine? Hermes Birkins? Oh, well… they are just concubines. #bleh So, Antigona is just going to be a puppy love, I believe.

Black . Classic

3194213958378e0475e88ad36bdaa4d6Beginning to love wine color.

d3d0fdf46ad5be8932345385d2a169e823b443e57583e23e29b5aae9a04f7aa2 b317296eabcada525ff3292f961251a7

Too classy as a bowling bag?

c1144f87ad05bc563c29885766785b8d cec675e71b9d22ec86bad5b9a1a987f3

Red and Grey go well together. Love the grey color texture.

f14e21f009c8fc68e89269bdc907badb fe93a897e47fb0ec87bfbffdfb830679Classy. I would get this if there’s no black. #justawish


Oh my heart stopped for a moment when i saw this. Such a beauty!

fbf983eaba506fb419409d0177033b8dElectric Blue! Woah!

And of course, i am NOT the lady in this picture, but i just love the way she gave her flying kiss and carrying Antigona. Lol.

So it was first, Chanel, followed by Celine, and Hermes, YSL and now Givenchy… #counting

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