Coast Fashion (Autumn/Winter 2014)

Being someone that embraces fashion, it is no secret that i would loved to be invited to a fashion show. And thanks to venusvon who thought of me when she got the invitation to one with Coast Fashion (London) today.

Coast Fashion

“Delivering elegant evening attire and occasionwear with meticulous attention to detail, Coast is renowned for their high octane separates and sophisticated dresses. Focus is on femininity with luxurious satins and chiffons, in a rich, varied color palette.”

photo2IMG_6346With Venusvon after the show.

Pardon me on the lousy photos taken. I was thankful enough to be able to sit on 2nd row from stage, however the constant snapping of someone else’s head/hair was unavoidable. So pls try to ignore the heads and hair and try to focus on the apparels on those models. Enjoy!

IMG_6269 IMG_6282

IMG_6303 IMG_6311 IMG_6318

I like this outfit the most! (Top)

IMG_6325 IMG_6343

If you are thinking “Is that all?”, you are wrong. There are a lot more, but like i’ve said earlier, lousy phototaking, so resulted in lousy outcome. Apologies! Apologies!

The whole show went on for less than 30mins but i must say that i enjoyed every bit of it! More such shows to come please! Best of all, Chanel Fashion Show! Lol.

And before i say bye, #letmetakeaselfiefirst. 🙂

photo3My LOTD

Bye Bye!

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