Bird Nest Mask (Beauty Diary)

Ever since i shifted to WordPress, almost all my posts have got very HD and pretty pictures posted. I am someone thats very visual. I like all things beautiful and this can include fashion, make up, kids, scenery, food, accessories, animals, etc. The list can be inexhaustible. But in this post, you might not really see much of it, becos i am going to show the real me. Lol. Dont worry, i am not going strip, neither am i going to post weird pictures, but i want to blog a little about the Bird Nest Mask that my colleague was raving much about. According to her, the results is almost immediate, so whether or not true/good, you see for yourself.

This mask comes from the popular Beauty Diary series. If i am not wrongly, this is a product of Taiwan and has been crazily raved about my Asian ladies, especially. The one i used was the Bird Nest mask.

photo(2)According to the packaging, it is good for optimally nourishing, invigorating and moisturizing our face. When i opened up the pack and took out the mask, i was expecting some bird nest smell, but actually there wasnt any bird nest smell, or maybe there was? Haha.. Well, at least no such smell to me. However like any other masks, there was a sweet floral smell that accompanies it. As long as its not some disgusting smell, i am okay with it, irregardless of what type of smell.


So this is me with the mask on. As you tell, the mask is big for my face. This is not a problem with Beauty Diary series masks only, its my problem i face with practically all masks! So i rarely get a mask that fits just nicely unto my face, oh well.

photoLeft: Before , Right : After (both photos are not filtered or Photo shop.)

Pls clap and cheer for me as it really took me a lot of courage to decide to post pictures of myself without make up. So pls clap and cheer for me okay?


Thank YOU friends! Now, i feel more encouraged. 😛

Anyway, i leave it to you to judge and conclude if this mask is good or not. But if you ask me, i would say yes, becos i do see difference before and after application. I think my face did look slimmer and sharper overall. My nose too! LOL.

So if you ask me to rate for the Bird Nest mask (from Beauty Diary series), i would give a 7.5/10. If you have never heard of this brand before, you might want to try. They do have good reviews with their mask series generally. You can get them at most beauty shops in Singapore. Well, this is bought from Guardian though.

Before i say bye, here’s a picture of me the next morning after mask application, but of cos with make up because i was going to attend a wedding lunch. And (to me), i think my chin did look slightly slimmer. What do you think? 🙂

photoSidenote: Face shape NOT Photoshop, only to face complexion and slightly to eyes.

I hope this post has benefited you in its own way.

Til my next post, coming up soon too!

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