So, are you neutral about it?

If I’d frightened you in my last post by bearing my real face, sorry about it. I promise to do a better job for such future post. Huh, there’s going to be more? In today’s post, i promise, no unsightly photos, only pretty and good for eyes pictures! And i am going to talk about being neutral.

Neutral in terms of what, you might ask. In terms of colors and of cos, fashion.

Now, i see the grin on your face, finally. šŸ™‚

Neutral colors, or you refer them as nude color or more down to earth colors. In my opinion, they are best matched with light grey and any pastel pink. You want to look sweet and dainty? Try neutrals and pair them with pastel pink.

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Neutral (Nude) with White. Classy.


Consider pairing it with a Tan color or Brown color bag or shoe. Throw in some gold accessories as well.

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Oh My Vogue, i love her style.

dbc0222bed012dce9ad8d6a906924ac2Clean and neat. I love it.

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This outfit is so adorable. Good for dinner and functions that has dress code as ‘Smart Casual’.


I could wear this for a dinner cum movie outing. So comfy.


Brown bag and nude pumps, with gold accessories.


Pastel Pink Phantom. Naise.

39b0b4fbc1e4f81f8b8598fd31465a8a 91eb15b35e1570c8b433b311c2f3e8c5 f63438bf0d48f005723ece21d94f80b3Love the way she folds the pants, and how she matches it with Valentino Studded pumps. Perfect.


Another grey with nude. Sweet.


Neutrally-Bohemian. šŸ™‚

f7a93077f46fb15740b1997397473b9dJacket and the shoes.

So, how do you find this down to earth color? Personally, its not my top 3 favorite tone, but i feel that its still essential to have a few pieces of apparel of this color. And you match them with white, grey, pastel pink and even light blue! Have fun matching, ladies!

25b40987f3aee1b7f96d6beb1e026424And like I’d promised, no frightening photos ya, all pretty pretty! Thanks for reading friends and i see you in my next post! šŸ™‚

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