It takes courage…

When i first migrate over to WordPress, i decided to make SweetDotAddiction purely a fashion blog, well, maybe at times with a few posts on beauty, make up and related. But my number one interest will be fashion. I spend a reasonably amount of time on social media and we all know that inspirational quotes can be found online, everywhere, almost anywhere. I love reading these inspirational quotes, why? Simply because life itself can be truthfully harsh, negative and even miserable. So just by looking through these quotes, many times provoked me to be a better person, better christian. So in today’s post, it’s not going to be anything on fashion, make up, beauty products or such, in fact, its going to be wordy life preachings. WAIT. WAIT. DON’T close on this page yet, okay i promise to try to make it short. I try ya. 🙂

And my title says “It takes courage…”

photo(1)“To grow up and become who you really are.”

When i first read this quote, i stopped & thought for a while. Grow up. Be who you are.

Growing up is something that every human being will definitely encounter in the early part of their life, and by this, i mean referring to physically. Granted, who doesn’t? But i feel the challenging part would be the overall being of a human. Mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I learnt in my church that maturity is not about the age, but it is the ability to take on responsibility. And the truth is, everyone of us grow and learn, but at different level and speed. Some grow up faster, because they probably have gone through quite a lot during their growing up years. Some may say this is unfortunate, but then it is not entirely that. It could be a blessing in disguise. Not that i have gone through (like) A LOT of hardships when growing up, but i definitely had my share of trials and persecutions and testings and hardships, etc. Hardships and sufferings help us grow. It forces us to come out of our comfort zone, rise up, take ownership of that terrible situation, (at times) find solutions and move on. We come out of it stronger, better and more mature. This is part of growing.

We can learn best when we are humble within us, when we are teachable, and this starts young. When we are young, we are easily impressed and our hearts are still very much mouldable. This is the time we learn best. Another way to growing and maturing is self taught. You learn through hard times or when you are going through rough patches. When the rubber meets the road and everything seems to be on a steep upward curve, with no signs of it coming to a stop. This is the time when we take a step back and think, and then realised where we have done wrong / gone wrong. Even so, it take courage to say “Yes, i admit that i am wrong, so i am going to learn and change to be better.” It takes courage for one to admit his / her mistakes or shortcoming and improve on them. It is always not as easy to confess that you have this and this shortcoming or that and that flaws, because we always want others to have a good impression of us. That’s normal.

At times, it could be our pride and wrong attitude that hinder us from growing. But more often than not, the moment we change our attitude and perspective in the way we think, we realized life is so much easier for us and the people around us. That’s why there are office politics, class politics and even gossiping among own family members.

My main point  for this post? You might ask. Be courageous my friends. Be courageous to grow. No one is responsible for your growing and maturing. There’s only so much our parents can teach and guide us to life. But when we are actually in the unstable boat call “Life”, we need to learn to steer the boat and cruise it through.

When i post on this, it doesn’t mean i think i am very mature or that i have grown up. I wish! But unfortunately no. I personally know of someone who is still learning about life at 60s! Even at an elderly age like this, this person is still learning. So needless to say, i have not arrive there yet and definitely have a lot lot more to learn. I am posting this as a reflection of my thoughts about life and some other stuff. I will post about them if i get that ‘feel’ and inspiration. LOL.

So before i say bye, i pray you will come back to continue to read about my fashion blog and how to dress well and look good. But whats the point of dressing well and looking good when all people see is the immature side of you. Make sure when you wear that classy long dress to your company event, you also reflect the real, genuine mature side. It will then match perfectly.

Once again, thanks for reading. I appreciate every reader: from the bottom of my heart.

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