I was thinking really hard for an attractive title to this post and i had wanted to name it “3/4 pants” or “wide legged pants”, but it just doesn’t seem to fit in, so decided to choose the simple and direct way: Culottes. Culottes or the 3/4 pants has been pretty much the ‘IT’ bottom recently. And i am somewhat ashamed to admit that i did have a pair of it in dusty pink, but just last year, i threw it away. Yes, i threw it away. So you can tell that i really do not have much ‘prophecy power’ that it will be back in fashion again huh. #ifonlyihadknown

culottes-feature-image@2xIn case you didn’t know how a pair of culottes looks like, the top picture is for your visualization 🙂 Culottes, if carefully matched, it can create a classy yet stylish look. So, that detailed coordination is the crux. Let’s take a look at some good examples:


In order not to look short (especially if you are really short, like me), try pairing it with ankle strap heels. It doesn’t have to be very high heels, but its a must to have that strap around your ankle, like the one above. Such heels can definitely add a tinge of classiness and style to the entire outfit.


Another type of shoes to pair it with will have to be my all-time favorite pointed heels (like the above-right). Such shoes gives a very classic-classy feel as well as making you look slimmer and even taller.

STREET STYLE CULOTTES BLOGGER Camille Charriere TREND-culottes-OOTD-Magazine-20

If you are asked to attend an event that states the dress code as “Smart Casual”, culottes would fit in nicely. Why. Because its 3/4 in length, which usually gives a more casual, ‘slacky’ look, however to pair with pointed heels or even ankle strap heels, it can help to ‘elevate’ the classy level in you.

Culottes-9 Mira-Rita-AstridLook at how the ankle strap shoes help them in their outfit! 🙂

Also in choosing the top to match with the said bottom, i personally would choose something not too baggy, or oversize. These ones above suits them just good. Oversize / baggy tops would create a ‘big’ look overall, which all ladies want to avoid. If you prefer floral or even prints, go ahead, just not oversize / baggy ya.

culottes-asos(Source: ASOS)


(Top) Not saying that this look is ‘no good’, but i personally will not wear my culottes with a pair of sandals / slippers. UNLESS i am confident that i can still pull the whole outfit well. Or maybe unless you are a model?

Bermuda-shorts-Culottes-FW13-Fashion-Week-Paris-New-York-Milan-20130325_0009(Top) Now, such coordination is tough. You gotta have very good sense of fashion and coordinating feel, in order to achieve such look. I personally like this look and how she matched them. Love that furry coat too!

culotte-paris culottes(Credit Source: Harper’s Bazaar, A Fashion Fix & Stop It Right Now)

culottes1(Credit Source: Glamour Magazine (UK) & Harper’s Bazaar)

culottes-1-640x550Remember my earlier suggestion on not matching your culottes with oversize / baggy tops? And then you might asked “How about this lady on the left of the picture?” Like I’d said, unless you are a model or that you are confident that you can pull it off well, my suggestion is do not try it. For a start, get something simpler or body fitting, be it prints or floral, etc. It will be more flattering, overall. 🙂

So, that’s about all that i have for you on this post. I love culottes pretty much. Have not gotten another new pair yet but pls don’t judge me, lol. Have fun dressing up ladies! Once again, til my next post! Muacks!

thecablook-fashion-blog-darya-kamalova-street-fashion-asos-cobalt-blue-electric-culottes-sheinside-sweater-hm-camel-hat-ziba-earings-topshop-black-heels-vintage-leather-bag-vj-style-ring-27(No, not me. Love the way she matches her culottes though.)

Ps: Erm, maybe some comments on my post would help, so that i know someone out there is appreciating my fashion sense or at least reading my post ya. And yes, i will reply to your comment, promise! 🙂

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