Taewaew Natapohn (Thailand)

I think i am really not very good at giving attractive yet creative blog titles. Like the title of my last post was straight to the point and i think this one wont be of any difference either.

For us Asians, if we have been into the entertainment news lately, we would probably know who Poydtreechada is. She is famous for her sex reassignment surgery and through various cosmetic surgeries, she became a beauty, well at least in the eyes of many, i guess. But really, to me, i have found one that’s even more beautiful.

Her name is Taewaew Natapohn. She is called Taew by her followers, is a Thai actress of Chinese-Thai parentage. She rose to prominence after her recent collaboration with 2 Chinese performers in a Television advertisement for the biggest Chinese Dairy producer. She is now an internet phenomenon for young Chinese netizens.

photo(1)This is her in one of the advert shoots.

1You can actually tell that she is a little mixed. Thai-Chinese… 🙂

photo(11) photo(12)I understand that she has a boyfriend and in her IG, this guy is often seen there, so he might be THE man. Good looking too. 🙂

imagesActually i love her look in this picture but this is the max out resolution i can get. Cant zoom any further, if not it will get blurred. Boo. Anyway, shes gorgeous right? At least to me shes prettier than Poy (lah).

2This should be her when shes young. Already a sweet little girl back then!

Okay now i am NOT trying to shame her, but some of you may say “Oh, its definitely her make up that made her look good.” Well, true and not true. I do not think she looks ugly even without make up, maybe just slightly paler, which all ladies will look like without make up on.

photo(8) This is one of her IG posts pictures with her gym buddies. Ugly meh? I think still sweet wor.

photo(9)This is another of her photo with almost no make up. Not too bad, i feel. Okay, i am biased. She’s just pretty! 😛

Fine, you dont want her non make up photos? Lets just look at her with make up on then.

photophoto(5) photo(6)Especially love her in this look, really very pretty!

3As pretty as the flowers!

photo(7) 4And this is the ultimate of my selection here in this post! Gorgeous, sweet, lady-like, pretty and beautiful!!

photo(3) photo(4) photo(10)Oh that pair of eyes…

photo(2)And her freckles on her face make her look cuter! 😛

So, how do you find her? I know the definition of pretty / beautiful is pretty subjective and there are no fix rules. Some people may not find her good looking, but at least in my own definition of outward beauty, this is call beautiful.

And i sounded like some men ogling at pretty girls, LOL. But do not judge me for being shallow, becos i think God has given us eyes to look at things that’s beautiful. And to me, all things beautiful attracts me. 🙂

Ending here for this post and i see you around soon again! One last photo of Taew, just for you!

photo(13)Thanks for reading! 🙂

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