Ankle Boots – 10 Ways To Wear Them

I know that in Singapore, boots is definitely not the first few choices of footwear, especially when our country is constantly hot, warm and humid. No doubt it was IN fashion a long time back (like 10 yrs ago maybe?), but this fashion hasnt really been back since.

2 weeks back, i was heading out for lunch and along the way, i saw this lady in her kneel high boots. My first feeling (for her) was warm and hot and sweaty… Honestly, our country really isnt too suited for boots, generally. However having to say that, it also doesnt spell an end to ladies that love boots (hmm, for some reasons). Maybe ankle boots. Still boots, but its only at the ankle area, so it wont be as warm and uncomfy i guess.

10 ways to wearing ankle boots in a tropical country like Singapore:

firstDo not worry when all you see in this picture are outfits for Fall / Winter season. As long as you put in some creativity, i am sure you will still be able to wear ankle boots here.


(10) This is a pretty classic way of dressing decently in SG. A comfy top paired with jeans, so this isnt hard. You just need to fold the edges of the jeans to ankle level to fit in the pair of boots. And this is a place great for shades, so be sure to get one that suits you well and you are ready to go. πŸ™‚


(9) Now this is also not tough. Jumper has been pretty IN fashion lately. I have 2 of them myself infact. You can also shop for checkered shirt or a plain white boyfriend shirt to match it. Just be sure to get those with thinner quality, becos SG is just WARM. This is a little boho style, but i kinda like it! πŸ™‚

3(8) This is lagi (in Singlish) easier, if i may say! A short dress is our daily wear, couple with denim jacket, shades and your favorite pair of ankle boots, and you are ready for your shopping / high tea.


(7) Now this is quite boho style (bohemian) and it may not be to many’s preference, but i just love the way the colors are coordinated. Denim blue with tan / brown boots / bag.


(6) I love this look a lot! Its a little contradicting feel. Dainty looking dress pairing with a more rock style boots? Hmm, but somehow, somewhere, it just click well. Good matching!

6(5) More often than not, jeans on a non-working day is what we frequently wear to shopping, high tea, dinner gatherings, bdays, etc. Throw in a baggy sweater top, pair with almost any ankle boots and you’re good. Oh, just remember to fold the ends of your jeans, if not you will be defeating the purpose of wearing boots with jeans ya. πŸ™‚


(4) Self-explanatory. Shorts with ankle boots do go well together.

9(3) Have a birthday lunch or gathering to attend? Consider this. If you find that leather jacket is abit too over, try long cardigan instead, it will still go well. πŸ™‚

05d732e83549cb556bdfe68b7cca8e1e (2) Preppy!

10(1) Simple dress + simple boots x simple accessories & bag = simply chic. Effortless in fact!

So, how do you like the above 10 ways of matching an outfit with a pair of ankle boots that is for a tropical island like Singapore? For you ladies that love boots, you can try it. πŸ™‚

And if i can own a pair of ankle boots, this would be the one:

secondLove its grey matte color as well as the height of the heels!

I hope you have truly enjoyed reading my blog thus far. I have a few friends who thought i was running a blogshop here. I told them its not a blogshop, but my personal blog on fashion as a whole. So ‘hop on’ here and read them for yourself! Oh, and do comment on my posts, i promise to reply everyone of them! #promisepromise

See you soon! πŸ™‚


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