A Tinge Of Sexiness

Lately, especially at the Asian part of the world, it seems the Off Shoulders fashion has once again been revived. Well, not surprising. Afterall, such outfits do wonders to ladies that wear them.

If you do not have slim and slender figure like myself, and you fretting over the limited designs of outfits you can wear to a party, gathering, high tea, etc, why not consider the off shoulders? Not only does it hide flabby arms (i have this problem! Boo), you also feel sexy wearing it. Well, at least to me, i feel very much a dainty lady when i wear them! 🙂 And for those that has slim & slender figure, lucky you! You can practically wear everything on the plate! So either way, consider investing in one to start off. I am sure you will love it!

Here’s some inspirations to start off:

f19055716f5298bbf9c340b228f824e9This is not a full body dress, its a 2 piece set. The top apparently is not an off shoulder top but the model injected some creativity and changed it one. And because of its finishing peplum design, it matches nicely with the flare midi skirt. I think overall, this is a very classy outfit! 🙂

0f0a9d6b561bbba81520004e9359c633I love this top! Very boho style, yet comfy and preppy. 🙂

And how about this one?


So suited for an afternoon tea time with your BFFs…

08cc15b79f573fb72cb4ced7abf7250fAdorable off shoulder top…

3b05956ac2b711fc25beeff1c7edbb8eOff shoulder fashion in the 1950s / 60s! Sexy lady…


An off shoulder jumpsuit! So classy and chic!


Matte grey off shoulder full body dress! Very elegant! And that pair of pumps! Woo!


A few more to go…

88752bfffaafc26a6b5e45214409cc05 cb8d53e0061224ed92a01a021b224a0d

Totally heart this. 🙂

d9aba9e63b6ed04d7647cd0dfa436608 ef24c247ad2bd12f887d6c6eaac1bc267fd8fc9a152ca41741b2a0c2a46895ae

So you’ve flabby arms like myself? Fret not. Off shoulders might be your solution! It hides them and yet gives out that sexiness…

349efab5f170cbca4a157d6207fd7303My favorite-est off shoulder outfit of them all, THIS ONE ABOVE. Totally classy, elegant, chic and stylish.

So whether you are slim and slender or not, try investing in an off shoulder to start off. You might like it! 🙂

That’s the end of my post for now. Cliche as it may sound, i sincerely hope you enjoy reading SweetDotAddiction. Til my next post soon!. 🙂


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