Digital Fashion Week 2014

To be honest, i wasn’t quite expecting for another opportunity for a Fashion Show anytime soon, and you can blame it on my ‘faith-less’ or with ‘zero expectation’ that such things would happen to me again (in fact). So, i am duper thankful for Beauty Blogger Silverkis for the invitation to Digital Fashion Week 2014 (DFW). It was for Thomas Wee’s show.

Thomas, who has been in fashion designing business for more than 35 years. “Emerging from the golden age of Singapore’s fashion of the 80s, he continues to push the boundaries in design just as he has from the start. Thomas Wee’s expertise in the field of tailoring has always set him apart, and while he no longer does the jackets that have become synonymous with his name, he is still a master craftsman at manipulating the taileur.” – Adopted by DFW, on a short write up about Thomas Wee.

photoOverall, it was pretty relaxing and very much a calming show. Why, you might ask. Because his show theme this year is somewhat Zen Oriental. Well, the photos should tell you more, so enjoy. πŸ™‚


IMG_6379Yes, i was seated THIS close to the cameras, so in a way, i should be taking pretty good shot, right? But, actually, no. You will know why soon.

IMG_6387Because i realized my camera was zooming into the background, rather than the models. Sigh, i think i really need photography 101. So, i sincerely apologize if you do find the zoom, out of focus. It was not on purpose, i promise. 😦

Anyway, back to the show. As you can tell from the pictures that Thomas’ focus this time round, is more towards Oriental feel. In fact the music was so Zen that i felt i needed some calming tea to go with that type of atmosphere! πŸ™‚

IMG_6404 IMG_6413 IMG_6417Just so simple, just so zen.

IMG_6420IMG_6424 IMG_6428 IMG_6437 IMG_6441 IMG_6445IMG_6459 IMG_6462 IMG_6466 IMG_6470 IMG_6476IMG_6480Love this. Love its collar.

IMG_6486Front View

IMG_6489Back View

IMG_6492The details to the jacket, good one.


For those that have not seen Thomas Wee before, here’s the best photo of that day that i can get. Notice the lady that was presenting flowers to him, she was wearing one of the tops that was featured earlier. And i thought she wore it better than the models. πŸ™‚

So how do you like Thomas’ designs so far? Simplicity is the best i guess. And so this is my 2nd show thus far and in a way, i did enjoy it.

IMG_6514Once again, thanks for Silverkis for the invitation. More to come! πŸ™‚

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