Chanel Brooch – 14 ways to wear it

I think there is only ONE brand that will make my heart palpitates and that’s my all-time beloved brand : Chanel aka CC Certified. And its brooch has always been in my wanted list. Recently while browsing through some Chanel accessories, i saw its brooches again and my heart just melt each time i see them. So today in this post, its just gonna be about this.

14 Ways To Wearing A Chanel Brooch

frontHow to agree with her when all Chanel do to people is to make them look classy and ‘expensive’? Hm…

14(14) This is simply awesome. The way the brooch is pinned onto the mid collar makes it obvious, yet not loud.

13(13) I just love the layering and how nicely the brooch lies on the jacket… 🙂

12(12) Going to some cold places and nowhere to ‘utilize’ your brooch? Try it on beanie! Adorable!

9(11) Oh my… this is so classy. Another innovative way to wear the brooch!

10(10) Gold brooch on Red Dress. Naise!

11(9) Notice how the whole outfit moves up to another level of classiness when theres a brooch? In particular, a Chanel brooch. Yup, i am bias. 😛

6(8) Large size brooch on mixed prints! Love it!!

7(7) Silver brooch on grey coat. It just stands out.

8(6) So cool! On the side pocket of a tweed dress! Very very naise!

5(5) Oh my Pink… Anyway, do note, if its a gold color brooch, pair it with gold colors accessories, similarly for silver brooch too. 🙂

4(4) Mira is considered very petite for her size and the country she resides in, yet she choose a large size brooch and it fits her perfectly! Maybe i should try a large size too!


3(3) Nothing beats matching a gold brooch with a LBD huh. Ultimate classy. Just ultimate.

2(2) I was choosing hard between (3) & this because they are so similar. Had decided on this as 2nd place simply because its creative enough to place the brooch at waist area, making it look so elegant. Who says black outfits are boring? All you need to do is to add in some accessories like a brooch and you are good to go! 🙂

1(1) When i first saw this, my heart really stopped for a second! To me, this is just breath-taking! Its a mixture of various brooches combining together to become one. And the colors of the brooches chosen, matches perfectly against the black background. Perfecto.

So, these are the various ways we can pin a brooch, particularly Chanel brand, on our outfits. All we need is to use some creativity and we can look effortlessly chic and classy. If you already have one brooch (not necessary Chanel) and you are stuck as to how to match them, try the above ways!

And before i end, i just wanna show you my ideal brooch design. I am hoping to be able to get this!

ending.Not too big, not too small, this size is just nice. More importantly, its in gold color! I love things in gold and black / white! Nice? 🙂

Til my next post, again! BYE!


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