Keep Calm, Christmas Is Coming.

Christmas, the most anticipated time of the year, at least to most people around the world. Its a time of thanksgiving, a time where love is spread around from one person to another. A time where we buy gifts for our love ones, where we rack our brains on what to get for them. So, if you are racking your brains on what to get for erm… me, appended is my Xmas wish list. 😛

Okay, i was kidding. Kidding on what you can get for me, but certainly not kidding on what i really want, so here it goes…

8 of them on my Christmas wishlist:

No.8 – My Lady Dior

8No.7 – YSL WOC

7No.6 – Givenchy Antigona

6This is an excellent color!

No.5 – Celine Phantom

5Who would feel sad seeing her??

No.4 – Dior Pearl Earrings

4Classy, period.

No.3 – Valentino Rockstud Pumps

3Yes, my heart almost stopped.

No.2 – Chanel Brooch


No.1 – Chanel Le Boy

1So that’s all for my wishlist and as the word implies, its like a wishlist, so i will continue to wish for anyone of them to come true! LOL. I hope you have enjoyed looking at them as much as i love posting about them. Just a very simple post on what Xmas gifts to get should you have no idea / stuck.

Have a great time preparing for Christmas! I know i will! 🙂

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