Surviving the cold.

I just hate the feeling where the whole world is going on a holiday to somewhere, sometime soon and they post their excitement on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. And yes, everyone is going away, well except maybe me. #grumblesgrumbles

So since i am not going away to anywhere to enjoy and chill December away, i shall do something more constructive for my readers, instead of groaning and ranting about it. 🙂 December’s coming, Christmas’s coming and it means the cold IS coming. So for those of you that are already counting down to D-day to travel to some cold places and you are still in the midst of ‘storming your brains’ as to what to wear to those cold places, here’s some tips and guide on Winter Wear.

Keep Calm & Survive The Cold:

lastPutting a winter attire together doesnt take much effort, except maybe some color coordination. I personally feel that the first and most important thing we should always bear in mind when putting together a winter outfit, really is the word : Warmth. No point looking fashionable on the outward but you dont get protected against the cold. So irregardless of how nice those outfits are, they must first meet the baseline of keep you warmth.

A few segments you can think of when choosing a winter outfit. Jacket, Collar Coat, Trench Coat, Sweater, Cardigan, Shawl, Scarf, Gloves, Beanie and Boots. These are the basics, apparently. When looking to purchase these, always look for down to earth colors for easy matching and coordination. Colors like black, dark blue, grey, tan color, burgundy and even dull green.


Burgundy Outer Coat.

9a8fa1f9c3f3b693d5b6892df2af6402 78ec0fc4ba92e2fa10ac4eaa916196ad

I love this checkered shawl, the colors are so “Chrismy”!


Love everything about this outfit, except the height of the shoes. Too high huh.

d80333cd683b0ec0f29b58796f8c9c97Such an adorable winter outfit! 🙂


Pastel / Neutrals always brings out that classy feel from the wearer. Love the color of the coat and its pumps!


6152eb4e204a4e48a4745a2a20737b27 d49f5c70e8bbec7039a8151471a6e138Burgundy Vs Camel Color. Perfecto!

firstPastel color shawl makes the person look so classy!!

e1ccb85c35d3ffa25e927eacdfdfa00e e401738569bb1e6a72f771397335777fOnly wear this when its not raining and when there is no snow huh. 😛


Look at how checkered designs and burgundy match so perfectly together!

54eb321cd68161c4265a39d124c54823 ec1af53d366e447676835f11fead6e2fHeart this outfit too! Smart casual yet fashionable!

So as you can tell, once you have the basic colors for your winter wear, putting them together becomes easier. If you are the one that i mentioned earlier, counting down to D-day and racking ur brains on what to wear, i hope my tips / guide has help you more or less. I am not going anywhere cold this year, so help me friends. Help me to enjoy the best you know how and wear the most stylish way you can ya. Have an enjoyable hols! 🙂

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