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Wendy Nguyen, who’s origins was from Vietnam and is a lovely lady who has impeccable fashion taste. She is literally like my fashion ‘look up to’, especially when we share something in common, we are both petites. Not sure how tall she stands at, but she is definitely consider a petite for the country she currently resides in, Los Angeles . Here in this post, i picked out a handful of her style that i personally love.

e2e9dc995ee282fa96989d7dc62a6940Wendy Nguyen, the owner of the fashion blog, Wendy’s Lookbook .


I love how she match the colors of her shoes with her jacket. πŸ™‚

5ccba93bdd432480491aa9306db65ff6 87ce84e4fb29367a8c489e956a8b06b5So chic!

acdf49fc3294fdc98ebb1050d36ea667A peplum top with flare skirt. Nice…


When silver meets gold. πŸ™‚


Dainty Rock! Totally!

The reason why i love her style besides that she is like me, a petite size, her taste for fashion (at least to me) is …… I cant find the right word! LOL…. Well, she is just good at this! Haha… And mind you, a size like hers in US can be pretty challenging to get clothes, yet she did it so well!

567276d6ca1d8e709903dfefa172bc18 a49f30624b836f2db7dfbb8897dc9d5d d3a7744b72e9d84065b2f0729ab071cfTotally classy.

5b3fe3653a66be12f33af2b10a4ab74f 7d1d4276ac37f119d63e18f53fdd9c5c 318efd515e83aa8d779c6d4e4ef1b56a 767b273ec018d7953a34f52dfd3a98a3

She is pretty much into details. Just look at how she match the gold studs on her collar with gold heels & accessories.


b66a741fde6d724abf7a42b5b652db4eI usually try not to post too many fashion photos as i do not want to bore my readers with non stop scrolling, but i just cant stop for Wendy’s style. It literally becomes an addiction just by looking at her fashion style! So just when you think its about time for me to end this post, erm… not really. A few more okay? πŸ™‚

9e812d7c5ef44b84ce76adc0370fa7e7 21a0dbd22266536f12197f8334e82d04



I love this one the most! Love how she layers her vest and ties it together nicely with a slim belt. Perfecto.

4746e5fae6ed8a64ea207725e63d318e da476fe9be7ba59a7948cfd427a43f5b

Okay, this is really the end of my post on Wendy. I think i might go on if i dont stop myself! Hahaha… Once again, my cheesy and standard ending to almost every post. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and scrolling my post on Wendy’s Lookbook. I certainly love writing about fashion and related. So before i say bye, here’s one more picture of lovely Wendy, for you. πŸ™‚

ec253dd9c7f8ac905d2da5bba3ce0431“I find inspiration in art, nature, culture, architecture, food, people, and music. And for me, fashion is a compilation of all that. Fashion is a vehicle for me to play with shapes and colors in order to uncover my personal style”

Bye bye. πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Wendy’s Lookbook

  1. I love Wendy’s Lookbook so much! I’m also from vietnam and am really small (and you don’t really see fashion/style bloggers like us) and seeing her style is so inspirational ❀


    1. Arielle – Yes, had to agree that shes indeed inspirational much! Anyway,speaking of petite size, i kinda like being small. somehow you look younger than your actual age when you are a petite! So take it as a complement! πŸ˜›


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