Daniel Wellington

Firstly, let me apologise for not logging any post for the past 2 weeks! Okay, my bad, i admit. Not that i have forgotten about blogging, but simply because December thus far, has been crazily crazy for me! Busy as a beeeee…. Finally have the time now to sit down and log a post.

Daniel Wellington. Watch.

cd7a5c23d8f183913eee1287d8122421Has been in love with this watch for quite a while now. Its just so simply classy, which means its simple + classy. And… i love anything simple + classy. πŸ™‚ Lets look at them now.

http://instagram.com/p/dUiCawRXqu/The nautical.


Β  ac2b7f5ddd04c53c7ca7d3bcf8cb12b4 cf9afadc307909ac5d193fcafe3c744eOh the red – blue version. Love it, love it!


Also heart their clean, classy look.

c47ec308139010d0561d69825c958e9f e0cf49c061c59b471d1af8d924981b76 f4651aca1c3e68c9af7f33379fcfd248Love how the diamond studs make the whole watch look sleek and elegant.

4fad39640eee2c74be4882596529b676 And look at how versatile DW watches can be? With one watch, you get to change its look and feel for as many as up to 14 times! Naise…. Can someone buy me this please?

So have your eyes caught on something that you like already? Be it the traditional design or the nautical feel, they are both set to add a tinge of classiness to your outfit.

42d0c47c478b98783d8cf4a6e74d870b e0cf49c061c59b471d1af8d924981b76_1

And thats pretty much to this post. Not very long, but in all honesty, i love sharing what i love and deem as stylish and classy with people around me. Just like this post!

Next one coming up real soon! See ya! πŸ™‚

952a7ea42fd0d492c91d3d3ad3727117BIG hint: Birthday coming up! πŸ™‚

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