“It’s a SHOE that carry you”

I have never really kinda imagine myself logging a post on shoes, because if there’s anyone that talks about footwear, i should be the last. Why? I am NOT a shoes person. Well, we’ve seen ladies that LOVE shoes to that extent of owning a cupboard full of shoes! And you wonder with just one pair of feet, how on earth are they going to finish wearing them all for the first round! Well, just wondering.

However, lately, i dont know what came into me, i started looking at certain shoes that caught my attention, literally. And i love the quote by Christian Louboutin:

c1ba83b7d2a5d1f9e759210a610b4c99And counting down, we start from number 4, from the very own designer that quote this, Christian Louboutin.

7eb1d5931cc99da445041893d7de8108 fe3811cb3a4bb511788f4d4a6e274eebEverything about his classic shoes are good, except that its too high to be worn around. However i do love the classic blood red at the bottom of the shoes, literally a trademark with no need to put the brand name on its shoes.

Next we have, Salvatore Ferragamo.

e58c159e24e1fe719c5124924148939d eda3d77080e9cc62f25f2931228cbd68I would buy these! They look so comfy and classy!

For number two, it will be, Chanel.

8c512851080b64f48231946e591baed8 af64c5c77f67b0634754ef2430a85365Dont know why, but i just love their dual tone (in black and nude) shoes. I wonder if they are as comfy as they seem to be.

And finally we have, Valentino!


Yes, if you have been reading and following on my blog, you would have noticed that i’d blogged about Valentino Studded shoes before (not the main topic though). And yes, i am blogging about them again because, i simply love them! Just the studded designs. It would make my heart palpitate faster whenever i see them, oh man…  They are just so sleek, so classy, so elegant! And i especially love them in nude color, so dainty. 🙂

And so, these 4 designs are my favorite ones thus far. I would kill for them! Kidding. How about yourself? May be you already own one of them or even all of them! Lucky you then! I am still waiting for the day where i get to own any one of them…

So thats all for now and i see you around soon! Bye! 🙂

2df92feb2e701f0bfa03da39a38ef307Naise isn’t it! 🙂

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