What 2014 meant to me & what will 2015 mean to me

(Non fashion related post, just some personal reflections)

2 plus more hours or so and 2014 will go into history. But the memories of what took place in that year will still hold. Some of them for a long while, some of them forgotten, probably. Besides the year 2002 where my mother passed away, this has to be the next toughest year for me. Many things took place and happened. At one point, i was so worn out that i broke down even at the slightest thing. Maybe because of my character and personality, i appeared strong and cheerful, and i told friends around me “Dont worry, I’ll be fine.”But really, the strongest person can also breakdown. And its because of this that brought a realization to me who my real frens are. Some people just talk, while some are quiet. More often than not, the latter one offered realistic help and was there through the event. This touched me greatly. This also taught me to regulate my verbal consolations to my frens in need of help, but instead, OFFER real help. So to you (you should know who you are) that gave that real help, i THANK you, i really do. Your reward is in heaven, a big one i believe.

Another thing that i had learnt this year is never to force out a relationship. Any relationship takes 2 hands to clap and its no use if only 1 party is keen while the other isnt. I made a few new good frens this year but in the process of developing our frenship, i realized that maybe, just maybe, this frenship isnt what she want, maybe, just maybe, this frenship will not go too far, it might not even stand the test of time. So i decided to kinda give up, because i dont see a point in forcing it out. Not offended, just felt a little pity.

So what 2014 meant to me is a year of realization on who my real frens are & that a forced relationship may not work out. Shallow it may sound, but i always believe the importance of having frens around me, afterall we are all made for relationships, isnt it. 🙂

And what 2015 will mean to me? A lot! LOL…. And here goes (some of) my New Year’s resolutions!

(not in order)

1) Be more colorful in my dressing! (people ard me would know that my all time favorite color is….. BLACK. And so it dawned upon me one day while i was trying to find something really nice to wear for a date and all i could see were black tops, black skirts and black dresses. How boring! So that was my wake up call that i should be much more colorful then this!)

Ps: Already bought a few apparels with colors, prints, florals, etc. Weeeeee!

2) Work harder for this blog! If you stumble upon this blog and are reading this now, and arent a follower of my blog and Instagram, FOLLOW ME! I love fashion and beauty and am doing my best to share with my readers what i like, so join me!

3) US Trip!

4) Attending more fashion shows and events! I really love them!

So what 2015 will mean to me is a new year of hope and an increase level of happiness! So here’s wishing every one of my reader a Blessed, Happy, Safe, Healthy and Great New Year in 2015! CHEERS to a better year!!


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