How to look slimmer with clothes

I am sure most girls want to look as good as they can & as slim as they can be. However for those of us that unfortunately has fats and yet cannot shed them away for whatever reason, we gotta work smart. Some people work hard by going to the gym, or taking up some form of exercises like Zumba, Pole Dancing, Yoga, etc. But there are also some that work erm… smart? We play around with what we wear. In this post, i am going to show 4 types of clothing we can consider wearing to hide our fats and make us look slimmer. So how to look slimmer with clothes?

1) Peplums

It can be tops or skirts. Either one can help us look slimmer. And this is done by the way peplum is designed. Its mid waist curve-out design helps one look slimmer by covering our common tummy fats. Pair a peplum top with any pants or shorts or skirts and it works just nice to cover and hide the ‘unglam’ parts.

57c8c5c83b9ab5b71043339723bbd679 365b94cb4c21dc580ebd29cb6b173316 9965da0f431842cf13f6863bbca37bc4I simply love to match the tops with any pants or shorts as it can make one look classy and chic!


The peplum skirts do wonders too. Because of the way its designed, it can help to cover our protruding tummy and create a nice curvy image, making us look a lot slimmer than we actually are. 🙂

1beed0c700b10a4387a9c633aac9f531Pair the top with any jeans and pumps and you are good to go!

(2) Skater Dress

Skater dresses also have a similar effects as peplums. Because of the way its designed, it therefore creates that ‘fake image’ that the wearer is slim, which is what we all want, isn’t it. 🙂

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I think the common challenge many girls are facing is to hide tummy fats as well as arm fats. A typical skater dress like these shown here, might be a temporal solution to this problem. Well, at least for me. And that’s the reason why i mentioned earlier that when we fail to work hard, we work smart. 😛

4b52fd1c0e56849bd5423be922a3c19f 344b1d68ce26121a58cc54fe9d7e8a72Such a dress hides our fats but yet flaunts out the curves of the wearer, making her look not only slimmer, but also dainty and classy.

5485cfb4038f542818330d09861ead18 538526716e8f73d152b6a2dc925f39b8

(3) Tunics

Tunics can be a little tricky for the wearer if not worn and match properly. Otherwise, it should also work wonders. Let me show you. 🙂

69ae8635b3d6f75f21680e1f6aa53c71A tunic not worn/ matched properly can make one look too sloppy and even old. Therefore the need for accessorizing is then crucial and it can play an important part to bring up and bring out the strengths of tunics.

Typically, a tunic top can match well with any leggins or skinny pants and it definitely has more cloth / room to cover up all our fats. So just don’t forget the accessories part ya. 🙂


A typical example of not accessorizing would be this picture shown above. It can be too plain when there are no accessories and therefore make the girl look even skinnier and older. So, once again, accessorize!


(4) Crop Tops

Crop tops are the IN fashion currently and if you wear it properly, it can help to bring out the strengths in you, as well as hide fats.

Because its cropped, the length of such tops are usually shorter to begin with, so matching them with high rise bottoms is the crux. For those of you that are still keeping or even wearing your low waist jeans, maybe its time to put them aside, keep them and invest in a few high rise / high waist bottoms such as midi skirts, jeans or even shorts.

And when you put a shorter top together with a higher bottom, they suddenly click! And thats how it works. 🙂 So enough of saying, lets see:


This above outfit is my favorite of all! So preppy! And if you are worried that the short crop top might reveal your tummy fats, then you might be wrong. That’s also precisely why there’s a compelling need to match it with high rise bottom, so that it covers part of the tummy area. The shorter length of the top can at the same time create the look that the wearer is slim.

clarabelleblogCropTopCollage Crop-Top-photos Crop-Top-Skirt-SetsSo even if you are not the too slim type, fret not. Just find a good high rise bottom to go with your crop top and i think you will look more then decent!

So the above are the 4 ways to look slimmer with clothes. However, even though i mentioned earlier about working smart by covering them, i also want to encourage all my readers to exercise or at least live a healthier life in terms of diet and proper exercise. If not for looking good, at least do it in the name of good health.

So, to a slimmer and healthy year friends! 🙂

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