20 Ways to wear a White Top

How many of us at some point of our life have bought white t-shirts or tops that we ended up not knowing what to wear it with? I have a few white tops and to be honest, i do find difficulty matching them in a classy, yet chic way. This post will give you 20 ways to wear them.

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Match your white tee with a black skirt and then pair it with a denim jacket. Throw in some accessories and you are ready to go. πŸ™‚


25514519d35e0ddb7f3a1226cd9da350Another simple one with denim shorts and canvas shoes. Good for weekend.

18) e1c17416013af6a92f9a90fead472f1dWell, denim on denim.



fddf233cf1f2372c314fed40f63d0034To me, this is perfect for a white tee fashion. Maybe not that low cut. πŸ˜›


7fa843a353e0c32d6d73c986bac97b23So pastel. πŸ™‚

14) c44ed42ffdaaec3a5d3944d96f511ad3

Love this outfit! So comfy and easy-going! Its the sweater cardigan that makes the outfit looks good but its the white tee that makes the cardigan stands out!


e889526c5f54bae77006390cfd351b1dWhite on grey! And those shoes!!





10) 28a300830954f9757f8b68bf30f58ab3

Put aside the distraction that she’s super slim and if i have you look at this outfit again, i must say the color coordinated very well! Simple yet preppy!


c7e8022b78228145e14e318127a909b3Almost perfect except that i would add in a necklace to bring out the whole outfit. Otherwise, its still simple-ly good.



There’s a necklace here! See what i mean? Chic & classy!


a6be28d1ec44597e94502a1623940b63(6)f7e5ce283d439d51dcaa2a55f7780ae8This outfit is very much doable in Singapore! Especially with colder weather recently, you’ll definitely have the mood to throw in a classic black jacket like this and still look corporate for a dress down day (of course).



Rebecca Minkoff!



(3)Β  ec0e6e48a6e10f44a372c0c2c39ea965I would wear this! For gathering with girl friends, High Tea with sisters or even shopping alone!

(2)07d91bf13dc05fbda716634a026cad39Yes the skirt looks beautiful but really, its the white top that makes the long skirt stands out. Awesome.


26c2140a49484b1f9e7b1f5a59dc30e0I could go on a holiday wearing this exact ensemble! Classy, preppy and chic!

So you have a white top but have no idea how to match it with? I hope the above 20 looks can give you some clue on how to wear them! Have fun ladies!

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