Red Overdosed

Chinese New Year (CNY) is around the corner and I am sure we are all in the midst of getting ourselves ready for that. I think i have mentioned before that besides Christmas and my birthday month that i am particularly excited about and looking forward to, CNY is the next anticipated festive season. When i was younger , i would go through much efforts to shop for CNY clothes so that i would look very good on the actual days of CNY. Now that i am erm.. not so young, i admit that i do not place as much emphasis on looking fab anymore; as long as i look decent, thats good enough. But whether we go through miles to look great or cannot really be too bothered by it, there is definitely one thing that we need to observe when celebrating this much looked forward holiday. Wear red. To the Chinese, Red colour represents luck and therefore brings forth positive meaning and good energy. So normally, we will try to have some red on us when doing visitations during CNY period. If you cant have red clothing, then at least try to get some accessories in red, otherwise shoes are good too. So, lets have some RED overdose!

8e2ced2eddc97f868e2a3d9d233078c2On clothing to wear for CNY:

1b5751ec04f1a1f3583383073f3ea541Have always love Midi skirts, but to pair it with lace (which happened to be one of my favs as well) top is just FAB!

1c2863236b9572fe64c46650b3e55852 9c79515e12646bf347f8a84194fd20c9

I personally have been into culottes lately. I dont know about you but i would think that its a good idea to wear a red culottes with black top and match it with gold accessories. But would you dare wear this outfit for CNY visitations? 🙂


Or how ’bout this? Literally RED OVERDOSED!

94b065d5f98d5b4f8d41f507b1ed9632 227b1b4ea76c51f22e9260a5dde035ff 57032ef284b3986a27acf0f8246d42d6

For Tropical country like mine whereby weather and temperature is a little on the higher side, investing in a pair of red shorts / skorts would be ideal. Not only can you wear it for CNY, matching red with black, white and even stripes / polka dots is also one of the easiest ways to look chic and preppy!


4b1a4740eebf8017e2325e460e1d0f8fSimply chic.

b404a61d6b9226fc4f336be156e83079The colours are very apt for CNY but would you wear it?

3d6bff36a19fc0db4b5318c3706a6992MY IDEA CNY OUTFIT! I TOTALLY LOVE IT!!

On some accessories for CNY:


I absolutely love this matching! Red necklace(es) against white background! Makes the accessories totally stand out!

abd2e48bd1a8ab884df3fb0989a57ffaHate red clothes? Fret not, you can still wear black or white. Just pair them with red accessories like this bracelet and you would look as fine! Pop of colour! 🙂

d673dde8f23159b36721b1df7ab35770RED OVERDOSED! I would wear a full black jumpsuit with this set of accessories and bag! Awesome!

On matching bags for CNY:


Besides Birkins, Constance can also be an alternative. Especially if you are one that doesnt quite like big bags or a hand carry one, opt for this one. Its not too big yet roomy enough for your personal items as well as the RED PACKETS! Weeeee!

fa60fcc8413f47760fadac9139ff93dcErm, but the best of all is my all time favourite brand of bags – CHANEL! Classic & classy! 🙂

On Manicure Ideas for CNY:


I would do this for my CNY nails! Simple yet brings out the CNY ‘feel’. 🙂


Dont like prints or flowers? Then this might suit you. Generally no designs except for colours combi, yet it looks chic and classy.

24a4a16c24d10f55da145a027c8d7ec3 cbb4281fa07a371bfa356154a84978daFloral ones.

And the best of all? This one (below).

04a8fe439f1fedd31a2259d5236fcba9Most of the Singaporeans should know why ya. HUAT AH!

Lastly, on shoes for CNY:

3d4a90bdc9befdfaee462929f0c6ea2eThis is absolutely awesome! Red with lace! Truly CNY!


ca16e3c92115f9eb41835c0cdd801592Hate high heels and doesn’t quite like red clothes? Opt for this then. Pop of colour!

My favorite-est of all? Here:

aea85a4c5194f4788c8014f7f9a5ee10Oh my Valentino….

So, thats pretty much what i wanna share with you regarding CNY fashion. These are my personal styles but you are welcome to use them as an idea-guide on looking fab and great during CNY. I hope it has been useful! So before i say bye, here’s wishing everyone Happie CNY and may you be more blessed in the Year of Goat! Huat ah!


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