New York Fashion Week 2015 – Part Two

Am ashamed that Part Two took 3 weeks to post. But better late then never i guess, so here’s my selection to who wore what for the NYFW 2015. Short post but i hope you’ll like it.

3b35b8cdcf77c98ac89e9c16885d32a2A cropped top and a midi skirt is always a good idea to any fashion show. Good choice.

77d1c557c043b2bcb15b85d3e0f917c2White shoes always brings out the beauty of an outfit, just like this.

893158ec382a93248f4f7289c9962c4fFeather, feathers, checkereds, checkereds.

cf66c94c165de2d1b5e2a72a1648dc3fDainty-Ly Chic.


A risky try to match the cropped peplum with a straight cut pants. I would choose a high waist pencil skirt instead.


Yea, she’s got attitude. I like!


Keep calm and opt for simplicity.

e842357a131c882fe158a24f4b543440Oh, white-out.


See what i meant earlier on white shoes?

jamie chung

Those details.

song of styleOh chic!

And my favorite of them all goes to…

ba5e61c3e1f2b2a2b4de406e8a0063eeSong of Style! Totally love how she layered her outfit and the choice of colors! Simple, yet chic and preppy.

So thats the end of my duper short post to the recent NYFW 2015. See you around!

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