Spring /Summer Fling 2015

I felt very honoured and happy when one of my lovely girlfrens who won a pair of the tickets to the Spring /Summer Fling 2015 held by Elle Singapore and Ion Orchard decided to invite me to attend together with her! I was so thrilled that i said yes, almost immediately! I love fashion shows! Ha!

To be honest, i had very little idea on what the show is about except that it will be held in Orchard. When i reached (erm i was very late infact. Think i was the LAST one to reach!), i was still in a state of blurness as to what brands were they going to showcase. When the show started, i even asked my fren what were the models showing! Ok my bad for oversleeping such that i was badly late and resulted in this level of blurness!

Okay, enough of me and why i was late and blah blah. LOL. I must say that i enjoyed the show a lot. There were a few clothing brands showcased and amongst it were some known brands such as Agnes B, Vivienne Westwood, Calvin Klein, Longchamp, DKNY and more.


One of the main sponsors to this show was a London shoe brand call Kurt Geiger. Maybe some of you have not heard it before, maybe its one of your favourite brands! Well to be very honest, i hadnt, 😈 until that night.


Apparently Kurt Geiger being the main sponsor to this show, also was giving out 8 pairs of shoes to 8 lucky girls through their lucky draw. Some of their ‘signature’ shoes are featured in this picture above.

I would love to share with you the designs that were showcased that night in this post.






Apologies if i have to collage them together instead and thats simply becos there are too many designs to show! However, I wanna bring your attention to the last collage, middle picture in blue /white stripes long dress… those that watched the recent star awards last weekend, would find this dress familiar right? Heheh… It is really a gorgeous piece to be honest. 🙂

So i was already pretty blown away by the comprehensive designs that they showcase that night but not until the very last part which proved to be even better than just salivating at these gorgeous designs.

Remember i mentioned they have a lucky draw for 8 lucky ladies, to choose any shoes of their choice from Kurt Geiger store? Yes you are right, i was one of them! To make that evening even better, my fren who invited me, also won! Weeeee! Both of us were so excited! I mean whats the chances of you and ur fren winning through a lucky draw together?? It was just awesome!

For every winner, they ‘represent’ a type of shoe and so mine was this!


I think its call yellow bold or something along that line.


Honestly speaking, i do not believe in luck, at all. I have not really won from any lucky draw other than once from a company DND. So this was my 2nd time in my entire life. And to win something along fashion line, its like i have ‘died and gone to heaven’ kinda feeling. I mean it! LOL.

So in the end, we were ‘invited’ to Kurt Geiger’s store to choose ANY shoe of MY CHOICE!! Someone hold me pls… i am fainting! I couldnt believe my ears! I was thrilled!


In the end i chose their new collection that cost more than $500! I thank God, I really do. ☺

I guess thats pretty much what i wanna share with you on this show. As i mentioned earlier, i really love and enjoy going for shows and i pray even more will come soon! Before i end this post, here’s my LOTD and OOTD that night. See you ard!



Top: H&M, Culottes: from Far East, Shoes: PO from an IG store, Necklace : Louizsa, Belt: got from a store in JB, Bracelet: Zalora.

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