9 Ways To Wear Boyfriend Jeans

Okay i need to admit that i did have that classic pair of boyfriend jeans in my wardrobe for the longest time and i didnt even think about wearing that until recent months. When i begin to see how it came back as a trend again, i really concluded that fashion has no boundaries or time limit. You can keep that grandma skirt in your cupboard for thousands years, thinking that even if it turns yellowish, you probably wont wear it again. BUT, you are wrong. I was wrong too. Ladies, this is what fashion is about.
So, still keeping that pair of loose jeans and not knowing what to do especially now that the skinnies are the IN thing. (I personally LOVE skinnies! I mean, it jus makes your legs look slimmer and somehow taller and…. OKAY, will leave this for another post in future i guess. Lol) Well, now is the time to bring it out again. One key thing to note in wearing that BF jeans again is that we do not want to look too ‘bulky’ in it. Meaning no excessive cloth around our legs and the folds has got to be done nicely at the ankle area like this one:


So the crux of wearing BF jeans in a more chic manner, really is how and where you do the folds at. You do it good, you look good. No extra cloth means preppy. And i love you looking preppy. ✌

So, heres 9 ways to wear that boyfriend jeans:


Also do not worry if yours is pretty torn and tattered. In fact it gives that ‘imperfection’ among the beauty kinda look. If you know what i mean. 🙂


Folding them to ankle level and matching it with strappy heels is always a good idea. Pairing your jeans off with loose top also seems to be the classic way to wear them.


Personally, i love to dress with matching colours for top and shoes or bag and shoes. Either combi can make you look classy. The choice of yellow as a pop of colors certainly make her look more preppy and chic.


Matching your BF jeans with loafers or canvas are great ideas too. Especially for ladies that love comfort over look, this will help you achieve both comfort and look.


Now this is a great look but we just need to be careful when choosing the top. Because the nature of BF jeans is that they are more loose and baggy at the upper thighs area, so the last thing we want to see is choosing a top thats also baggy such that we end up looking fat or meaty. Song of Style is smart to make sure the length of her top is short enough so that the overall outfit doesnt look to big at the centre area (which is the hips to upper thighs part). She is also wise in choosing a strappy ankle heel to balance off the whole look. So she looks casual yet chic in this outfit. Smart.


I love this outfit too. She chose the same colour for her top and bottom; light blue. Honestly, same colour top and bottom really doesnt make it stand out in any manner unless you accessorise it and she did that exactly. Besides choosing same colour bag and shoes (which i mentioned previously), she also decided to throw in a scarf with different colour and design. The red/white colour combi actually helps in lifting up the entire bluish outfit as well as adding some fun by creating color conflicts! Good one!


To create a more leisure yet classy look, consider opting for a floral blouse like this one above. Tucking in at the front area makes it look casusal yet chic. And i absolutely love how she pairs off with my all time favourite pointed heels. Perfect.


I chose this as my 2nd last look for BF jeans bcos this outfit is just awesome in it own ways. Strappy heels. Fur vest. Matching clutch. I would create an event just so that i could wear this outfit. No, i wont. Just kidding and #justsaying

Or maybe i would. 😜



You might be surprise to know that i have chosen this outfit as the finale. And whats so special about it, you might ask. Erm.. nothing very special but i just love it
So simple, so comfy, so chic. Sometimes, simplicity really is the best.

And thats all i have for you on BF jeans. So start digging out your jeans, and start playing with various looks… you would be surprise with what you might create. YOUR style.

See you around! 😘😘

4 thoughts on “9 Ways To Wear Boyfriend Jeans

    1. Yea agree but i i guess with well planned effort, the not so skinny people could also pull it off good. Its just how you do it. 👍😊

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