Hi Low Gowns

Due to the reason that i will be attending 2 formal wedding dinners this year end, i have therefore been looking out for gowns or dresses for such occassions. And in the mdist of searching for D one, i found myself falling in love with Hi Low gowns/dresses.

And looking back, i recalled my own wedding gown to be Hi Low (HL) too, so i guess its not a new love afterall yea. πŸ™‚
The main reason why i love HLs is for the simple fact that i am not tall and that i belong to the petite frame. So wearing such gowns will not make me look too short and overwhelmed. I am therefore going to share with you some of my favourite HLs. I hope you will like them as much as i do. ✌


Love the grey, the glitter on the grey, the cutting and those shoes. So fairytale.


At a closer look, the gown looks like satin material, but maybe not due to the fact that the whole gown flares out so naturally. In any case, this is a gorgoeus piece.


A vintage piece which exhibits its class, elegance and simplicity. Wow.


I would choose this to be my wedding dinner gown. It look so convenient to walk around in. Lol…


What else to say for Wendys Lookbook. Enough said.


Love this! Its just like an Oriental bowl worn inside out! Brillant!


Simple. Classic.



Wedding gowns!


Love how it flows down so elegantly.


Yet another simple but classy and elegant piece. The lines by the sides creates an illusion to look slimmer!

And my favouritest of them all…



Zac Posen! Enough said. 😘😘

So i hope you have enjoyed as much as i do for this post. If you, like myself, belongs to a petite frame or that you are not tall to start with, try considering HLs.  I am sure you will look lovely and classy in them!

See ya around soon!


4 thoughts on “Hi Low Gowns

    1. Thankiu! Love that one too! 😍😍 and wow you have an awesome blog! Happy to know that there are many other fashion bloggers ard!!

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