Jamie Chua

Few days ago, I was watching the channel 8 tv variety show “Celeb Curated Collections” hosted by Quan Yi Feng & Ben Yeo, whereby celebrities donate their precious to be auctioned off for the purpose of charity. And it just so happened that the episode that i was watching was showing the Queen of Instagram, and arguably the lady with the most number of Hermes Birkins (maybe in Asia), Jamie Chua.
I realised that many do not really know who Jamie Chua is. Some thought that she is an actress, while some guessed her to be singer or tv host. But for those of us that are slightly familiar with her, would know of her high profile background as well as her high level of living. Honestly, before i watched that tv variety, my impression of her probably same as what most others would think of her to be. But until i watched it, i found out that she probably isnt what she seemed to be.

In case you have zero idea of who she is and what she does, here…


This is Jamie Chua. Photo credit: Jamie’ instagram.

You might think whats the hoo-ha about her? Well for 3 main reasons:
1) She is well known for her youthful look. She looks 20s, but her actual age is 41 this yr. Wow.


2) Her high profile divorce case with ex-hubby in which she asked for $450,000 /mth as alimony.

3) She is arguably the one with the most number of Hermes Birkins.





And so, lately i stumble upon an article written on her and reading it, you can tell that it was sacastically written about how she use the $450,000 every month to live lavishly and only go for very classy and expensive stuff etc. When i read that i cant help but thought in my heart the human is indeed weird. A friend of mine once asked me “Say if you are a billionaire, would you consider buying luxurious items? Say a branded car and some birkins etc?” Righteously, i replied “Of course not lah, so wasteful of money, i rather use it for some other meaningful stuff!” Then he continued “No, think about it again. If you have all the money in the world, would you still eat in hawkers, stay in HDB and take public transport??”

True. If average Singaporean like myself who have worked for many years and now am earning more than few years ago, can think about eating in restaurants and getting Chanel bags etc, why wouldnt a billionaire want to buy a Lambo, carry Birkins, stay in big house with a guard outside?? Donating the money to do good aside, lets talk about lifestyle, just lifestyle. So i finally know what my friend was hitting at and i think he is so true. When we have reached a certain level, our lifestyle does change to a certain extent. Why? Because we can now afford it.

Similarly for Jamie Chua. If she can simply afford it, then whats the fuss about? That she didnt donate her money to Nepal earthquake or to help the poor? How do we know she didnt? She might have been doing it but yet keep quiet about it what. Just because we dont see, doesnt mean it didnt happen.

Yes, she has $450,000 every month to use. Yes, she has 2 full time stay in maids to take her OOTDs. Yes she owns about 200 birkins. Yes, she takes bird nest as her breakfast every day. SO? She can afford it, then so be it. This is her life.

So my post is not to support her or that i like her or am a fan of her, but to be reminded that when we see others doing good, instead of enviously and judgingly talk about them, why cant we just just leave it as that. This is their life and this is how God decided for it to be.


One more interesting fact about Jamie Chua for you if you didnt know:


Yes, shes also a mother already. And yes, shes a mother of 2. And yes, her children arent young anymore either.

One more pic of her before i say bye…


Love that Hermes cushion! 😍😍

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