From HI-atus to HI again!

Hello there! I am finally back!! Like FINALLY! I know right. Its been MONTHS! Almost 5 months to be exact and its not that I have given up blogging as a whole or that I am too busy doing up a blog, but the real reason being my laptop was seriously down with some “chronic illness” that its “beyond cure”, officially. I’m serious! My laptop sort of died on me in May period and it wasn’t as convenient for me to do up a post using my mobile, that’s why the MIA! Big apologies friends… So now I am back again and of course with a new lappy (my short form for laptop) this round. I hope it will last for a much much longer time, please. Anyway, my new lappy:

HP Pavilion x360 (Smoke Silver)

Honestly, I am not too much of an IT person and therefore am not really into having the must have and most in lappy. As long as its not too outdated and its decent enough to last me longer, I am more than happy. 🙂

Anyway, if you are wondering what I have been up to lately, I am glad you asked. I have been pretty busy with work, church and family. Speaking of which, the word multi-tasking come into my mind. More often than not, I find myself doing just that. Drafting an important email, while trying to reply to 3 different watsapp messages and 2 more from chatgroups. Not to mention my skype chat notifications blinking for the last 180 seconds. And these are on top of the work that I started like 1.5 hours ago which has not been progressing much since. So one word – busy. Anyhow, I am just glad to be back on this again! I hope not to go away again for any lame reasons (like lappy spoilt, my dog ate the keyboard, my baby vomited on the screen, etc) , at least not for long.

In fact during these 5 mths, I do log in using my mobile, just out of curiosity on how is doing, and to my pleasant surprise, people still visit and read it. Well, of cos not like the famous bloggers where they have 4 to 5 figure stats visits daily, but 1 person is better than nobody, isn’t it. And this encourages me greatly and motivated me to get a new lappy so that I can continue where I left off, for fashion. So if you are the one that visited or read my blog, sincerely, I thank you. At least I know I am not blogging to air but alive human beings that appreciate fashion the same way as me! And this alone, motivates me in a great deal.

I am going to end off this post here, but the ending of one will mark the beginning of another…. new post to come, soon! Stay tune friends!

Oh, by the way, if you have an Instagram account, do follow me at ‘shinexuan’ . I know IG isn’t something new, and not that I am new to IG too, but I do post regularly over that platform. 🙂

See ya! 🙂

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