Lace Dresses

I mentioned from my last post that it will be from a ‘Hi-atus’ to a ‘Hi again’. And i do promise that i will try my best to update sweetdotaddiction as regularly as possible. Truth to be told, for some reasons, i do foresee that i will be very busy from now til the end of this year, HOWEVER, this should never be a legit reason to go MIA-ing again! So here we go!

Lace dresses, is what i want to blog about in this post. One of my favorite cloth materials has got to be lace.

Keep calm and go lace.

I love lace so much that almost all my wedding photo-shoot gowns selected were in lace! So much so that the shop assistant had to remind me to have a balance / mixture, in order to optimize the after photo effects. Also, one my standard yet classic dresses to wear for weddings and functions is actually a black lace dress! You can imagine how much i love them. So, I shortlisted out a couple of lacey dresses which in my opinion look gorgeous and i do hope that enjoy them too. πŸ™‚

First up has to be this cute dress in yellow. I love the tone of yellow chosen because it does makes the wearer look dainty and lady-ish (if theres such a word). The ‘belt’ also creates a slim and slender effect on the wearer, which of course, is important. πŸ™‚

Yellow Lace Dress

What i love about the next two selection has to be the dress’ ‘ability’ to create a sensual & sexy look. Already lace can give such effects but these dresses makes it standout in this area in an even better way. Also the blue can give a dreamy feeling…

Blue lace dress, garden, dreamy, lady

Garden, Elie Saab, gows

Personally, i love the color wine. Many may think it as a bloody color, but not for me. I think wine color gives a classy and calm look. These 2 dresses below not only create that, the wearer also exhibit much confidence because of its design and cutting.

Wine color, lace dress, cheongsam, maroondark red, sexy

And of course, what are dresses if there are no LBDs eh, so here you have, 2 LBDs both in lace. Which one do you like more? πŸ™‚

lbd, leopard prints

This one below is a little special, because if you look closely, i do not think its a full dress. In fact, they are 2 piece; Long sleeve top in lace and Black tulle skirt. Awesome combination i must say!

tulle, skirt, dress, twirl

This one below show exactly what i mentioned earlier about creating that sensual and sexy look. Some more, its off-shoulder!

gown, formal, off shoulder, runway

The duchess, who is one of my inspirational fashion icons, also love laces. Over here, i love how she look in the almost nude color dress. Always so classy and confident. πŸ™‚

catherine, duchess, royal family, queen

dusty pink, light, dainty, lady, sweet

This one above may not be a full nude color, i consider it quite close. Or if you would like, you may call it light / pale pink. In any case, this color which gives off a sweet and dainty look, is one of the popular ones. Coupled it with lace material, its no wonder any wearer would look absolutely lovely in it! πŸ™‚

tulle, dress, emerald green, low neck, sexy

I love emerald green but i do not consider the above color as such. In fact, i have no idea what is this color. Anyhow, my point is, i love this green and how the lacey neckline plunges down along the wearer’s chest. Stunning.

And lastly, this one below in red.

red, oriental, chinese, lace, organza

Because of the organza inner lining, its gives the lower part of the dress a pong feeling and thus creating a very flattering waist line for the wearer. Maybe i should consider such designs to wear for wedding functions because it can hide my belly fats. Yay.

I hope you have thus far enjoyed my selection of lacey dresses. As the year comes to an end, i am sure most of us have a few formal functions to attend, so if you are considering dresses, try lace dress, you may be pleasantly surprised by its end result!

So, til the next post, again!

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