6 Ways To Stop Buying Unnecessarily

Not too sure if there were times when you are too stressed out or feeling too lousy so much so that you needed to do something to your personal well being? Some of us look to playing sports, while some listen to their favourite music. There are many others that drink / smoke it off or even sleep it away. However among all these, I assume that many ladies would prefer the ‘Retail Therapy’, aka shopping. In layman terms, its simply just buying things, irregardless. Personally, I belong to this type. Retail therapy has proved that it worked in me. Well, at least I felt happier and better.

But more often than not, living in modern days, shopping has been made way easier than in the past. with more options and ease of convenience, the retailers are definitely out to ‘get’ us to purchase something, somehow. So I personally would like to share 6 ways on how to avoid spending unnecessarily. I must first say that I am NO guru in saving money (in fact I am still learning how to!), but thankfully has compiled a few simple ones so as to help ladies with overspending habit.

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1) Keep calm & keep timed

Saw this dress that you logically think that it would be suitable for a function however you do not like it as much. Went to try it on and though it fits you, you are undecided. Fret not. Put the dress back, calm yourself down, leave that shop and give yourself 30 – 45mins (if you can spare time). While walking around, looking at other stuff, if your mind is still on that dress, then buy it.
Reason simply is because shopping is like flirting. You have ‘puppy love’ for someone but yet it is not eternal marriage that you are thinking of. Give yourself another 3 more mths, you’d probably long forgotten that fling. HOWEVER, if your mind is still very much on him, then maybe its more than just puppy love. Similarly, buying things is more or less this concept. There are probably hundreds of similar dresses everywhere, but if your mind is still very much on that piece, then its more than just ‘puppy love’. Chances are you will wear it more often, because your ‘love’ has been tested in regards to time. 🙂
 2) Need vs Want
This will be a classic one. The definition of a need is ‘cant do without’, such as a wallet. The definition of a want is ‘can do without’, such as a Rolex watch.
I guess this will be the time where some ladies will defend themselves by saying how much that ‘want’ has / will potentially become a ‘need’. So you mean that Hermes Birkin or Chanel 2.55 is a need in your life? The truth is sometimes there is a very fine line between a ‘need’ and a ‘want’. Even myself can get confused between them. Example would be getting a small flap wallet so that it can fit into my mini Furla Metropolis. It sounds very legit right. I am not saying that this should be a ‘want’ or a ‘need’, but really reminding all to learn to differentiate between the two. Lastly, DO NOT lie to yourself that its a need when its obviously not. If its not, its not.
3) Are you a famous celebrity?
If you are, then go ahead to get 4 other different shades of Jimmy Choo shoes and purchase all the latest lipstick collection just launched from Dior. This is totally valid due to nature of work.
But if you are not, whats the point in getting the 4 different pink shades of JC shoes when you are probably not going to wear them often anyway. Oh also, God has given all human beings one mouth (of cos with upper and lower lips, which is also consider as one), is there really a need to get the full collection of Dior’s latest lipstick collection? Like 27 of them?? Of course I am just giving an extreme example, but I think you have roughly gotten my point already. 🙂
Girl, you really don’t need to.
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4) If it perishes, then its a different thing.
I love to attend events that launch their latest collection, both fashion and beauty/skincare. However I often face the temptation of buying their new products (especially when there is a new launch discount) and not using them after 1 – 2 tries. Not that they are no good but I already have 3 other serums and 3 other moisturisers. I really don’t need anymore. So for perishable items such as skincare or beauty products, I suggest that you hold your peace and not buy it first. Finish what you have at home before letting your heart and mind wander to other brands. You may ask why is this so important? Well, didn’t our parents teach us not to waste (food) when we were young? Same theory. Our patience gets trained too!
What happen after you finished your skincare and endeavour into a new brand, only to find that your skin is too sensitive and you just cant continue? 2 ways then:
a) Always try the selected skincare / beauty products on your skin first. Give it a few days. If nothing happens (no rashes, itchiness, redness, etc), it would most likely be safe to buy. If not, you know what to do. 🙂
b) If unfortunately, you bought it, use it and its not suitable, consider selling it off asap. Because these are perishable items. They expire, so its best to quickly sell it off at a lower price. One, you don’t waste the product, two, you earn back some losses. Why not? PM me if you need a good platform to sell them off. In Singapore only. 🙂
Just so you know, sale starts with S which stands for serpent, which is poisonous! Okay, that was just a lame tease. Not true.
But really, sale more often than not doesn’t equate to saving money, literally. Well unless you are getting a ‘need’, say a washing machine, otherwise, it doesn’t really equate to savings. Yes with those discounts and rebates, it seems that you are saving, but sometimes, you are not. Let me give you an example. Say you already have a good working condition laptop that was purchase 5 months ago. But you came across another laptop in the IT fair and its going at 40% off! ATTRACTIVE! And there, you bought it. Your reason is you save 40% because of its discount at the IT fair, but really, you wasted 60%. Simply because you DO NOT need it at all, this 60% could have been saved up for better use. So a sale doesn’t necessarily equates to actual savings. Be careful my friend. 🙂
6) Some things are really not needed.
Unless you work outdoor (eg: sales person), otherwise you don’t need to get a 4th portable mobile charger. Yes it may look cute to resist, but that’s a classic unnecessarily spending. Or how about 2 more cushions for your office chair when you are only given ONE chair for your ONE butt? Where are you going to place the extra 2 cushions?? On the floor it will go, I guess?
Unnecessarily spending is a first-world problem, literally. In our pursuit to stay good, look good, live good, we must also feel good. I figured that each time I spend unnecessarily, I feel guilty. So spend wisely and know yourself. Once you know yourself, unnecessarily spending may cut down.
All the best frens! 🙂

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